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Curator Kathleen Bickford Berzock traces the history of African Art at the museum from the 1920s to the present,
introducing the new installation opening spring 2011.
Audio Lecture: Changing Face, Changing Place—A History of African Art at the Art Institute of Chicago
Exhibition curator Jill Bugajski examines “multiplied original” stencils employed by the Soviet TASS poster artists to duplicate original designs.
Audio Lecture: Poster Technologies: Stencil and the “Multiplied Original” in the TASS Series
This sculpture of Ganesha, Hinduism's Lord of Beginnings and Remover of Obstacles, posed mid-dance, is sure to amuse with his oversized elephant head and rotund belly. This teaching packet includes...
Artwork Resource Packet: <em>Dancing Ganesha</em>
Pulitzer Prize-winning poet C. K. Williams, Princeton University, comments on the Art Institute's 360 degrees: Art beyond Borders theme and reads some of his most recent poems. Williams has authored...
Audio Lecture: Reading and Commentary: Art and Literature
In the process of reinventing watercolor, American painter John Marin transformed American painting. Martha Tedeschi, curator of prints and drawings, and Kristi Dahm, assistant conservator of prints...
Video: John Marin's Watercolors: A Medium for Modernism
This suit of ceremonial armor includes more than 22 pieces that could be mixed for parade and sporting tournaments. Students will learn about the production and functions of armor and about the role...
Artwork Resource Packet: <em>Three-Quarter Armor</em>
Painter Joyce Owens grew up in a culturally diverse neighborhood; her strong African American roots were infused with Jewish culture. Responding to the secular theme of Marc Chagall's The Circus...
Audio Lecture: Artists Connect: Joyce Owens Connects with Marc Chagall
Malcolm Baker, University of California, examines the relationship between original and copy in portrait art, where replication is sometimes a virtue of technique.
Audio Lecture: Multiple Heads: Replication, Repetition, and the Portrait Bust
Curator Sarah Kelly discusses self-taught artist Horace Pippin's layered paint technique and reviews primary sources that seem to have inspired his famous Cabin in the Cotton images.
Audio Lecture: Horace Pippin's <em>Cabin in the Cotton</em>

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