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Nathalia Goncharova's futurist devil takes many forms as he plays a card game with sinners in this slyly ironic and provocative illustrated poem from the Russian avant garde.
Turning the Pages: Nathalia Goncharova (Russian, 1881-1962), <em>A Game in Hell: A Poem (Igra v adu: Poema)</em>, 1912
Carl Blechen's Interior of the Palm House at Pfaueninsel near Potsdam (1834) serves as a point of departure for Adelheid Mers's presentation, in which the artist explains the evolution of...
Audio Lecture: Artists Connect: Adelheid Mers Connects with Carl Blechen
This episode of the Art Institute of Chicago's Musecast includes:
The Art Institute in the Community: A bus tour takes Community Associates right into Chicago's historic...
Musecast: June 2007
This fantasy world comes in delightfully pint-sized pieces—the Thorne Miniature Rooms. Your mission: navigate your escape from this mystifying realm of riddled rooms.
And if you're not quite up...
Game of Thornes: A Maze of Miniature Proportions
A brief essay focusing on Winslow Homer who often painted themes of upper-class leisure in post-Civil War America. This painting depicts three women and a man playing croquet on a lawn, probably in...
Essay: <em>Croquet Scene</em> by Winslow Homer

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