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MARTYL (1917-2013)
Martyl Langsdorf, professionally known simply as Martyl, first began to paint as a child when she accompanied her mother to the summer program at the Cape Cod School of Art....
01.  "Acropolis - Athens," 1966 [Greece]
DANIEL H. BURNHAM (1846-1912)
Burnham's impact on the built environment of Chicago and many other American cities is legendary. With partner John Root he oversaw the design and construction of...
02. "Feb 22d 1896 The Pyramids"
BERTRAM A. WEBER (1898-1989)
Although son of renowned Chicago architect Peter J. Weber, Bertram did not grow up desiring to be an architect; instead, he pursued a liberal arts course at...
06. "Stonehenge June 28 '22"
This 2,500-year-old drinking vessel is in the shape of the head of a donkey. The realistic ears, eyes, and open braying mouth of the donkey would surely give joy to anyone drinking from this cup....
Activity: <em>Greek Rhyton (drinking vessel) in the Shape of a Donkey Head</em>
Boats were the most important means of transportation in ancient Egypt. This model of a boat, complete with its crew, was placed in an ancient Egyptian tomb to insure that the deceased would have...
Activity: Egyptian Model Boat
A brief essay focusing on Bell Krater. Includes discussion questions and classroom activity suggestions.
Artwork and Artist Information: <em>Bell Krater</em>
This small earthenware sculpture was used in an important ritual which was enacted by the ancient people of the Nayarit region of West Mexico and is still performed by people elsewhere in Mexico...
Artwork and Artist Information: <em>Model of a Pole Dance Scene</em>
This colorful mummy case was made for the doorkeeper from the temple of Amun and is decorated with a variety of images associated with rebirth; including the scarab beetle; the hawk-headed god Horus...
Artwork and Artist Information: <em>Mummy Case of Paankhenamun</em>
A brief essay focusing on the Royal Emblem Stone. Includes translation of the Royal Emblem Stone, Maya Heroglyphs, and calendar.
Artwork and Artist Information: <em>Royal Emblem Stone</em>
Street Scenes in Times of Peace is a long, painted handscroll that shows off the wide range of people and activities typical of a large 14th-century Chinese city. This scroll offers a rare...
Artwork and Artist Information: <em>Street Scenes in Times of Peace</em>

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