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While living in Paris, the muralist and activist Diego Rivera illustrated this Russian book with Cubist-inspired lithographs; he would later visit Leon Trotsky during his exile in Mexico.
Turning the Pages: Diego Rivera (Mexican, 1886-1957), <em>An Account of the Life of One Nadienka and of Certain Revelations She Had</em>, 1916
Kazimir Malevich put a Cubist and Neoprimitive spin on Russian Futurist books from 1912 to 1914. This one illustrates a poem on the exploits of the devil attempting to trap sinners via the title...
Turning the Pages: Kazimir Malevich (Russian, Born Ukraine, 1878-1935), <em>A Game in Hell: A Poem</em> (<em>Igra v adu</em>), 1914
While living in the small town of Vallauris on the southern coast of France, Spanish artist Pablo Picasso encountered a young woman named Sylvette David. Her stunning features fascinated Picasso so...
Artwork Resource Packet: <em>Portrait of Sylvette David</em> by Pablo Picasso
Students explore geometric properties and relationships in a two-dimensional work of art. They first search for and identify polygons in a Cubist painting and then use polygons...
Lesson Plan: Finding Polygons in Cubist Art
Stephanie D'Alessandro, exhibition curator, discusses the artist's connections with the city.
Audio Lecture: 100 Years of Picasso and Chicago

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