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Explore the theme of travel and motion in art. The packet surveys the history of transportation: movement on land, water, and, ultimately, lifting off, soaring through the sky. Nine works of art from...
Teacher Manual: Art on the Move
This colorful mummy case was made for the doorkeeper from the temple of Amun and is decorated with a variety of images associated with rebirth, including the scarab beetle, the hawk-headed god Horus...
Artwork Resource Packet: <em>Coffin and Mummy Case of Paankhenamun</em>
Uncover the world of ancient Egypt, Greece, and Italy through 20 works from the Art Institute's Ancient collection. This extensive manual includes historical essays, discussion questions, classroom...
Teacher Manual: Art of the Ancient Mediterranean World
Boats were the most important means of transportation in ancient Egypt. This model of a boat, complete with its crew, was placed in an ancient Egyptian tomb to insure that the deceased would have...
Activity: Egyptian Model Boat
Expert Sidney Goldstein traces illusions of beautiful deception as glassworks appear to be something other than they are. Sponsored by the Boshell Foundation Lecture Fund.
Audio Lecture: Imitating Other Things: Luxury Glass in Antiquity
Bibliography of related resources in the teaching manual Art of the Ancient Mediterranean World.
Bibliography: Art of the Ancient Mediterranean World
Glossary of terms used in the Art of the Ancient Mediterranean World Teaching Manual.
Glossary: Art of the Ancient Mediterranean World
Related Story: The Cameleopard

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