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The Byzantine Empire formed a link between the vital cultures of the Silk Road and the classical traditions of the West. Cultural diversity and great wealth created a rich artistic mixture. Robert...
Audio Lecture: Byzantium and Points East
Presented by Madhuvanti Ghose, Alsdorf Associate Curator of Indian Crossroads of the Art Institute to the Crossroads of Asia, this illustrated lecture of Southeast Asian, Himalayan and Islamic Art,...
Audio Lecture: Curatorial Perspectives
Young people and adults create a rangoli, an Indian art form, with bits of colored paper, over a 5-hour period. The project took place in the Art Institute's Ryan Education Center in celebration of...
Video: Time-Lapse Rangoli Created at the Art Institute of Chicago
The creation of Pakistan in 1947 offered the nascent state a new cultural and political beginning. By the 1980s Pakistani artists were exhibiting installations as creative and cutting-edge as any in...
Audio Lecture: Sixty Years of Art in Pakistan
Matsya, the Fish: The outstretched thumbs represent the fins of the fish. The raised leg represents the fish's tale.
Video: Demonstration of the Matsya Mudra from Dashavatara Dance
Narasimha, the Man-Lion: The left hand represents an animal. The raised thumb on the right hand is a sign that represents man.
Video: Demonstration of the Narasimha Mudra from Dashavatara Dance
Jitish Kallat and curator Madhuvanti Ghose discuss the first major presentation in an American museum of the contemporary Indian artist's work, a site-specific installation that calls attention to...
Video: Jitish Kallat’s <em>Public Notice 3</em>
Kurma, the Tortoise: The hands represent the head of the tortoise. The thumbs and two fingers represent the tortoise's legs. The dancer's head represents the tortoise's shell.
Video: Demonstration of the Kurma Mudra from Dashavatara Dance
Dashavatara is traditionally performed in a Hindu temple. This dance is accompanied by classical Indian music.
Video: Demonstration of Dashavatara Dance
In the fall 2010 semester of Teen Lab, the Art Institute's after-school program for Chicago high school students, teens from all over the city had the opportunity to interview contemporary artist...
Video: Teen Lab Participants Interview Artist Jitish Kallat

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