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Excerpted from the teacher manual Telling Images: Stories in Art this chapter focuses on the painting Saint George Killing the Dragon by Bernat Martorell. Includes information about...
Artwork and Artist Information: <em>Saint George Killing the Dragon</em> by Bernat Martorell
Excerpted from the teacher manual Telling Images: Stories in Art this chapter focuses on the artwork Statue of a Standing Vishnu which was created in 16th century India. Includes...
Artwork and Artist Information: <em>Statue of a Standing Vishnu</em>
The elaborately decorated mummy case of an ancient Egyptian woman named Wenuhotep was only recently returned to the Art Institute after being on loan for many years. Internationally recognized...
Audio Lecture: An Egyptian Mummy Case Rediscovered
The photography of Angela Strassheim reveals how the experience of growing up in a religious family or being female in America can profoundly influence experience. This lecture was presented in...
Audio Lecture: Angela Strassheim
Georgina Valverde discusses her work and the inspiration she draws from the Art Institute's collection. Inscribed with text from the Quran and encoded with significant geometric patterns, the ...
Audio Lecture: Artists Connect: Georgina Valverde Connects with a Talismanic Textile
Painter Joyce Owens grew up in a culturally diverse neighborhood; her strong African American roots were infused with Jewish culture. Responding to the secular theme of Marc Chagall's The Circus...
Audio Lecture: Artists Connect: Joyce Owens Connects with Marc Chagall
James Robinson, British Museum, provided a rich overview of Byzantine Reliquary Pendants and reviewed the context from which they came.
Audio Lecture: Byzantine Reliquary Pendants
Richard Longworth, Senior Fellow, the Chicago Council on Global Affairs Fellow and award-winning Chicago Tribune foreign correspondent, cites research and analysis from his recent book.
Audio Lecture: Chicago and Globalization—Caught in the Middle
To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Art Institute's acquisition of this masterpiece by El Greco, art historian Richard Mann tells the exciting story of the painting's commission, its stylistic...
Audio Lecture: El Greco's <em>Assumption of the Virgin</em>
Elizabeth Pope, curatorial research assistant for the Casas Grandes exhibition, explores some of the complex cosmic symbolism to be found on this ancient American pottery.
Audio Lecture: Feathered Serpents and Scarlet Macaws: Imagery of Casas Grandes Ceramics

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