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Based on an interactive and educational exhibition on view at the Art Institute of Chicago from 2003–2007; this manual explores the museum's diverse collection through eleven works that relate to the...
Teacher Manual: Faces, Places, & Inner Spaces
Explore the fundamentals of the social studies curriculum through works in the Art Institute's collection. This packet can be used to teach across the curriculum; strengthening children's...
Teacher Manual: Self, Family, and Community
Stories shape our knowledge and understanding of the world we live in. Telling stories helps all of us to understand who we are and what we believe. For visual artists the challenge is to tell a...
Teacher Manual: Telling Images: Stories in Art
This timeline provides a context for the artworks in the African American Art at the Art Institute of Chicago teaching manual.
Timeline: African American Art Timeline
This bold and colorful sketchbook was made by Charles Wilbert White (1918-1979), an African American painter and printmaker. In fact, he started it while he was a student at the School of the Art...
Turning the Pages: Charles White Sketchbook, 1937-42
Step into the light-filled scene that Tanner depicted and learn about the artist's upbringing and career.
Video: Tanner's <em>The Two Disciples at the Tomb</em>
Watch an analysis of Walter Ellison's painting Train Station and learn how the Great Migration impacted African Americans' lives in the 1930s.

Artist Walter Ellison's Train...
Video: Walter Ellison's <em>Train Station</em>

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