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Mardges Bacon, Northeastern University, traces Le Corbusier's experiences within the culture of Chicago of the 1930s.
Audio Lecture: Le Corbusier in Chicago
Architecture and urban design historian Thomas Hines discusses modernism, rationalism, and expressionism in the works of Richard Neutra and Lloyd Wright.
Audio Lecture: The Other Hollywood--Modern Architecture and the Los Angeles Film Community
Noted art historian and Mies van der Rohe biographer Franz Schulze offers rare insights into this architectural gem, discussing the key people and dramatic events that have shaped its history.
Audio Lecture: The Checkered History of the Farnsworth House
Susan Benjamin and Stuart Cohen bring to life the world of such legendary Chicagoans as the Armours, McCormicks, Pullmans, and Ryersons, who immortalized their place among the city's elite with...
Audio Lecture: Great Houses of Chicago
This small model of a house was a tomb sculpture from the ancient people of the Nayarit region of West Mexico. This lively house contains different groups of people both alone and together, multiple...
Activity: Nayarit <em>Model House</em>
A brief essay focusing on Cabin in the Cotton by Horace Pippin. Includes discussion questions and classroom activity suggestions.
Artwork and Artist Information: <em>Cabin in the Cotton</em> by Horace Pippin
Alice Friedman, author of Women and the Making of the Modern House, explores the role of women in American architecture.
Audio Lecture: Women and Architecture
This is the main room of a traditional Japanese home, complete with alcoves to display art, tatami mats, and a writing desk. Sliding doors lead to a Japanese garden, considered a form of art and an...
Artwork and Artist Information: <em>Japanese Tradititional Interior</em> (Thorne Miniature Room)
This guide is designed specifically for early-childhood educators and their students. ABCs of Art invites teachers to use the Art Institute as a learning environment beyond the walls of the...
Teacher Manual: ABCs of Art: A Guide for Early Childhood Education

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