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This teaching packet presents an overview of René Magritte's life, including important events, influences, sylisitc developments, and recurring themes. A brief synopsis of the artistic movement of...
Teacher Manual: René Magritte
Hal Foster, Princeton University, looks at avant garde art with a focus on the mimetic excess found in Dada and its progeny.  He recalls the Cabaret Voltaire performances of poet Hugo Ball in Zurich...
Audio Lecture: How to Survive Civilization, or What I Have Learned from Dada
Pierre Boulez, universally acclaimed composer and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra's Conductor Emeritus, reflects on the high notes of modernism with CSO program annotator Phillip Huscher.  Presented...
Audio Lecture: Conversation with Maestro Boulez
Scholar Helen Vendler, Harvard University, discusses the poet Robert Lowell at the end of his career, when he viewed great American modernists Pound, Eliot, Frost, Tate, Crane, and Williams no longer...
Audio Lecture: Robert Lowell and the Modern Legacy
Christa Clarke, Neward Museum, considers the influence of modernism in shaping Western perceptions of African art.
Audio Lecture: African Art and the Modernist Eye
Get a behind-the-scenes look at the processes of conserving frames and mounting artworks with staff from the Art Institute's departments of Conservation and Prints and Drawings. This video was filmed...
Video: Framing John Marin
In the process of reinventing watercolor, American painter John Marin transformed American painting. Martha Tedeschi, curator of prints and drawings, and Kristi Dahm, assistant conservator of prints...
Video: John Marin's Watercolors: A Medium for Modernism
Langdon Hammer, professor at Yale University, draws on his recent book, Hart Crane: Complete Poems and Selected Letters, to highlight the aspects of Crane's life and work that have served as...
Audio Lecture: Lost at Sea: Jasper Johns and Hart Crane
Art historian Susan Fillin-Yeh explores the complex relationship between modern photographic processes and painting in the work of Charles Sheeler.
Audio Lecture: Sheeler & the Machine Age
Center for Creative Photography Curator Britt Salvesen discusses the contents of the Harry Callahan Archive, some of the objects it holds, and what it reveals about Callahan's work.
Audio Lecture: Harry Callahan: The Photographer at Work

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