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A brief essay focusing on Georgia O'Keeffe who was a pioneer of American modernism. She emphasized the essential beauty of her subjects by magnifying shapes and simplyfying details. In Black...
Essay: <em>Black Cross, New Mexico</em> by Georgia O'Keeffe
This essay focuses on Georgia O'Keeffe who was fascinated by the New York City's skyscrapers, including the Shelton Hotel. This painting depicts the building as she saw it early one morning from the...
Essay: <em>The Shelton with Sunspots, N.Y.</em> by Georgia O'Keeffe
This teaching packet presents an overview of René Magritte's life, including important events, influences, sylisitc developments, and recurring themes. A brief synopsis of the artistic movement of...
Teacher Manual: René Magritte
Stephanie D'Alessandro, exhibition curator, discusses the artist's connections with the city.
Audio Lecture: 100 Years of Picasso and Chicago
Jan Tumlir teaches art and film theory at the Art Center and University of Southern California, and is a regular contributor to ArtForum, Frieze, and Flash Art. Here, he...
Audio Lecture: Jan Tumlir Lectures on Jeff Wall
Langdon Hammer, professor at Yale University, draws on his recent book, Hart Crane: Complete Poems and Selected Letters, to highlight the aspects of Crane's life and work that have served as...
Audio Lecture: Lost at Sea: Jasper Johns and Hart Crane
Art historian Susan Fillin-Yeh explores the complex relationship between modern photographic processes and painting in the work of Charles Sheeler.
Audio Lecture: Sheeler &amp; the Machine Age
Alice Friedman, author of Women and the Making of the Modern House, explores the role of women in American architecture.
Audio Lecture: Women and Architecture
Mardges Bacon, Northeastern University, traces Le Corbusier's experiences within the culture of Chicago of the 1930s.
Audio Lecture: Le Corbusier in Chicago
Center for Creative Photography Curator Britt Salvesen discusses the contents of the Harry Callahan Archive, some of the objects it holds, and what it reveals about Callahan's work.
Audio Lecture: Harry Callahan: The Photographer at Work

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