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James Bishop is an American artist who has lived in France since 1958. His exquisitely rendered, relatively rare drawings and paintings—which American poet and art critic John Ashbery once called “...
focus: James Bishop, Paintings on Paper 1959–2007
A leading practitioner of conceptual art, Mel Bochner was one of the first artists in the 1960s to introduce language into the visual field. These efforts, however, remain surprisingly undocumented...
focus: Mel Bochner—Language 1966–2006
William Pope.L is a prominent multidisciplinary artist known for his conceptual, often performance-based art practice, which actively confronts issues of race, sex, power, consumerism, and social...
focus: William Pope.L—Drawing, Dreaming, Drowning
See another work where Homer's alteration from underdrawing to watercolor changes the apparent meaning of the scene.
National Gallery of Art object featured in the video:
Video: Underdrawing and Alteration
The visionary Belgian artist James Ensor inventoried nearly 250 paintings and drawings he had made from 1876 onward in this unusually orderly sketchbook.
Turning the Pages: James Ensor (Belgian, 1860-1949), <em>Sketchbook</em>, 1929-42

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