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The visionary Belgian artist James Ensor inventoried nearly 250 paintings and drawings he had made from 1876 onward in this unusually orderly sketchbook.
Turning the Pages: James Ensor (Belgian, 1860-1949), <em>Sketchbook</em>, 1929-42
German Romantic artists felt close to nature and the historical past; this drawing handbook offered the novice draftsman a wide array of realistic and nostalgic trees to copy.
Turning the Pages: Maximilian Josef Wagenbauer (German, 1774-1829), <em>Studies of Trees for Beginning Artists</em>, 1817
This digital reconstruction allows you to page through one of Jacques-Louis David’s sketchbooks; his drawings begin eleven page spreads into the partially-blank book. The sketchbook is one of three...
Turning the Pages: Jacques-Louis David, (French, 1748–1825) Sketchbook, 1809/10
Michael Leja, University of Pennsylvania, discusses Winslow Homer's creative process.
Audio Lecture: Winslow Homer and the Composite Image
Houses, skyscrapers, building ornament, even city plans start with a pencil in the hand of an architect. One of the most famous city plans ever conceived, the Plan of Chicago, published in 1909,...
Artwork and Artist Information: <em>View of Chicago from Jackson Park to Grant Park, 1907, plate 49 from the Plan of Chicago, 1909</em>
The distinctive style developed by architect Helmut Jahn, depicted in this drawing, incorporates an inventive, even playful use of color, materials, light, and structural form. Includes discussion...
Artwork and Artist Information: <em>Axonometric Rendering of Northwestern Atrium Center, Madison and Canal Streets, Chicago</em> by Helmut Jahn
Microscope examination of Man with Plow Horse, 1879, reveals that the design for the man, horse, and plow were transferred to the watercolor sheet using carbon paper. A one-to-one...
Curator Suzanne McCullagh selected highlights from Capturing the Sublime: Italian Drawings of the Renaissance
and Baroque
to demonstrate how artists find inspiration in earlier masters...
Audio Lecture: Artists Looking at Each Other—How Drawings Betray Their Sources
Homer executed this study, Children Sitting on a Fence, with graphite and opaque white watercolor...
Richard Neer, University of Chicago, spoke on "Poussin, Drawing, and the Antique." The symposium "The Gray Collection—A Particular Eye" was hosted by Suzanne McCullagh, Anne Vogt Fuller and Marion...
Audio Lecture: Poussin, Drawing, and the Antique

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