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See another work where Homer's alteration from underdrawing to watercolor changes the apparent meaning of the scene.
National Gallery of Art object featured in the video:
Video: Underdrawing and Alteration
This digital reconstruction allows you to page through one of Jacques-Louis David’s sketchbooks; his drawings begin eleven page spreads into the partially-blank book. The sketchbook is one of three...
Turning the Pages: Jacques-Louis David, (French, 1748–1825) Sketchbook, 1809/10
The visionary Belgian artist James Ensor inventoried nearly 250 paintings and drawings he had made from 1876 onward in this unusually orderly sketchbook.
Turning the Pages: James Ensor (Belgian, 1860-1949), <em>Sketchbook</em>, 1929-42
German Romantic artists felt close to nature and the historical past; this drawing handbook offered the novice draftsman a wide array of realistic and nostalgic trees to copy.
Turning the Pages: Maximilian Josef Wagenbauer (German, 1774-1829), <em>Studies of Trees for Beginning Artists</em>, 1817
The distinctive style developed by architect Helmut Jahn, depicted in this drawing, incorporates an inventive, even playful use of color, materials, light, and structural form. Includes discussion...
Artwork and Artist Information: <em>Axonometric Rendering of Northwestern Atrium Center, Madison and Canal Streets, Chicago</em> by Helmut Jahn
Matthew Affron, University of Virginia Art Museum, spoke on "The Dynamics of Modern Drawing." The symposium "The Gray Collection—A Particular Eye" was hosted by Suzanne McCullagh, Anne Vogt Fuller...
Audio Lecture: The Dynamics of Modern Drawing
A brief essay focusing on Charles White's Harvest Talk. Includes discussion questions and classroom activity suggestions.
Artwork and Artist Information: <em>Harvest Talk</em> by Charles White
Artist Kara Walker's commissioned installation for the Art Institute included her celebrated cut-paper silhouettes accompanied by several drawings, continuing what she has called her “ever-present,...
Video: Kara Walker in Conversation
Franklin Kelly is the senior curator of American and British paining at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. Hear Kelly provide the keynote lecture on opening night of the exhibitions...
Audio Lecture: Transforming Reality: The Artistic Vision of Winslow Homer and Edward Hopper
Carl Blechen's Interior of the Palm House at Pfaueninsel near Potsdam (1834) serves as a point of departure for Adelheid Mers's presentation, in which the artist explains the evolution of...
Audio Lecture: Artists Connect: Adelheid Mers Connects with Carl Blechen

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