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Christa Clarke, Neward Museum, considers the influence of modernism in shaping Western perceptions of African art.
Audio Lecture: African Art and the Modernist Eye
In celebration of the 400th birthday anniversary of Rembrandt, art historian Stephanie Dickey describes the young genius's grappling with the art of the past, his irreverent sense of humor, and his...
Audio Lecture: Breaking Away: How Rembrandt Became an Original Artist
Scholar Kathy Curnow, Cleveland State University, reviews Courtyard Intrigues: Jostling for Chiefly Power in the Art and Life of the Benin Kingdom in support of the special exhibition.
Audio Lecture: Courtyard Intrigues—Jostling for Chiefly Power in the Art and Life of the Benin Kingdom
Adepeju Layiwola, professor at University of Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria, expands on her entry in the landmark exhibition catalogue Benin Kings and Rituals: Court Arts from Nigeria. In her lecture...
Audio Lecture: Edo Art and the Reconstruction of Memory
Alfred Pacquement, director of the Centre Pompidou, Paris, suggests how a balance between thematic and chronological exhibitions displays a permanent collection in its most productive light. He...
Audio Lecture: Exhibit the Collection
Neil MacGregor, director of the British Museum, London, and the chair of World Collections, discusses "Global Collections for Global Cities," tracing the leadership role that the British Museum has...
Audio Lecture: Global Collections for Global Cities
Susan Benjamin and Stuart Cohen bring to life the world of such legendary Chicagoans as the Armours, McCormicks, Pullmans, and Ryersons, who immortalized their place among the city's elite with...
Audio Lecture: Great Houses of Chicago
Joan Arenberg moderates a panel discussion with collector Curt Conklin, artist and critic Michelle Grabner, and gallerist Rowley Kennerk that explores the relationship between artists, art dealers,...
Audio Lecture: Is There an Art to Art Collecting?
Christopher Monkhouse, Eloise W. Martin Chair of European Decorative Arts, traces the evolution of the upcoming exhibition of wine-themed art works, opening at the Art Institute in the summer of 2009.
Audio Lecture: Making 'A Case for Wine' at the Art Institute
Museum of Modern Art director Glenn Lowry, examines how modern museums can adapt to the changing circumstances of a globalized world. Mr. Lowry brings insights from MOMA, New York City to this series...
Audio Lecture: Museums of Modern Art: Framing the Future

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