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Alice Friedman, author of Women and the Making of the Modern House, explores the role of women in American architecture.
Audio Lecture: Women and Architecture
Noted art historian and Mies van der Rohe biographer Franz Schulze offers rare insights into this architectural gem, discussing the key people and dramatic events that have shaped its history.
Audio Lecture: The Checkered History of the Farnsworth House
Tim Knox, Sir John Soane's Museum, London, traces Soane's highly original and idiosyncratic reinterpretation of classical architecture and design. Artwork: Side Chair, 1802-1810. England....
Audio Lecture: The Strange Genius of Sir John Soane
Ladislav Sutnar (1897-1976). Carr's Department Store Graphics Program, 1956-57. Sutnar is best known as a pioneer of information architecture. He taught at the State School of Graphic Arts...
03. <em>Carr's Department Store Graphics Program</em>.
A. James Speyer (1913-1986).
Good Design Exhibition, Chicago, 1954.
Beginning in 1950 the "Good Design" exhibit was sponsored by the Museum of Modern Art in New York City under...
06. <em>Good Design Exhibition</em>.
The architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright was introduced to Europe by the Berlin publisher Ernst Wasmuth in 1911, when he published the first book of Wright’s work anywhere in the world: Ausgeführte...
01. <em>Wendingen</em> vol. 3 no. 11/12, 1920, H.P. Berlage.
In a 1922 letter to H.P. Berlage, Wright confided that the Wendingen special on him had reached him by chance, and that he was flattered and heartened by the interest the Dutch had taken in him....
01. <em>Wendingen</em> vol. 6 no. 1, 1924, Architecture Related Sculpture.
Published by the architecture society Architectura et Amicitia (“Architecture and Friendship”), the first issue of Wendingen (“turning” or “upheaval” in Dutch) appeared in January of 1918...
02. <em>Wendingen</em> vol. 12 no. 11/12, 1931, Church Architecture (final issue).
In 1925, Wendingen ran a seven-issue special on Wright and his work, featuring covers designed by Wijdeveld and written contributions from leading European architects, as well as Americans...
02. <em>Wendingen</em> vol. 7 no. 4, 1925, Frank Lloyd Wright, Special Issue 2.
The seven-issue special was not the first time Wendingen had devoted its attention to Wright. It had previously published a single issue featuring his buildings, including shops, residences...
04. <em>Wendingen</em> vol. 4 no. 11, 1921, Frank Lloyd Wright, cover designed by El Lissitzky.

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