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One of the few women photographers in Japan in the 1970s was Miyako Ishiuchi. In her 1977 series Yokosuka Story, she returns to her hometown Yokosuka, also the home of a U.S. naval base...
2. Ishiuchi, Miyako. <em>Sweet Home Yokosuka 1976-1980</em>. New York: PPP Editions in association with Andrew Roth, Inc., 2010, [unpaginated].
Fukase Mishima, several years older than Araki, was born into a family of portrait photographers. He was originally influenced by the photojournalism of Ken Domon and Ihee Kimura, but going to school...
3. Mark Holborn. <em>Black Sun: The Eyes of Four, Roots and Innovation in Japanese Photography</em>. New York: Aperture, 1986, [p.54-55].
The photography of Angela Strassheim reveals how the experience of growing up in a religious family or being female in America can profoundly influence experience. This lecture was presented in...
Audio Lecture: Angela Strassheim
Ian Wallace is one of the pioneering forces behind Vancouver's conceptual art scene. Wallace taught art history at the University of British Columbia, Jeff Wall's alma mater, and the Vancouver School...
Audio Lecture: Ian Wallace Lecture on Jeff Wall
One of the most important photographers of the 20th century, Harry Callahan holds particular significance for Chicago, where he made some of his most influential work.
Audio Lecture: Harry Callahan Exhibition

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