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The relationship between words and images was so important to Takuma Nakahira that he titled his 1970 photobook For a Language to Come. The photos are a collection of alienated landscapes,...
3. Takuma Nakahira. <em>For a Language to Come in The Japanese Box : Facsimile Reprint of Six Rare Photographic Publications of the Provoke Era</em>. Paris: Edition 7L; Göttingen: distributed by Steidl Publishers, 2001, [p.126-127].
The only woman featured in the Eyes of Ten exhibits was Toyoko Tokiwa. Women were often the subjects in photographs but rarely the photographer. Tokiwa found that women were less guarded...
4. Anne Wilkes Tucker, et al. <em>The History of Japanese Photography</em>. New Haven: Yale University Press; Houston: in association with the Museum of Fine Arts, 2003, p.236-237.
Ken Ohara's conceptual photobook One (1970) successfully achieved the Provoke aim of challenging language and producing a reaction not easily classified. The book is a series of...
4. Ken Ohara. <em>One</em>. Tokyo: Tsukiji Shokan, 1970, [p.266-267].

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