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Yutaka Takanashi was already an established photographer when he joined Provoke. He joined the group partly because of Nakahira's charismatic persuasion and partly because, as he said, "...
1. Yutaka Takanashi. <em>Toshi-e</em>.  Tokyo: Takanashi Yutaka; Hatsubaimoto Izara Shob&#333;, 1974; plate 6, paperback.
Düsseldorf and Cologne: Ohio, 1995-present.Ohio was originally a collaboration between four German artists: Uschi Huber, Jörg Paul Janka, Stefan Schneider, and Hans-Peter Feldman,...
10. <em>Ohio</em>, no. 15 (2007)
The second issue, published in March, 1969 with the theme Eros, included a series of faceless nudes and blurry photos of stacks of American goods by Daidō Moriyama, another talented young...
2. <em>Purov&#333;ku: shis&#333; no tame no ch&#333;hatsuteki shiry&#333; (Provoke No. 2) </em>. Tokyo, Purov&#333;ku-sha, 1969, [p.54-55].

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