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Kikuji Kawada's dream of a stain on the ceiling of the Hiroshima Prefecture Industrial Promotion Hall (commonly called the Atomic Bomb Dome) led to his photobook The Map. In the book,...
2. Kikuji Kawada. <em>The Map = Chizu</em>. Tucson, Arizona, Nazraeli Press, 2005, [p.15-16 (inside fold)].
Heather Rasmussen recreates international shipping containers in miniature, crafting them by hand from colored cardstock which she then damages, arranges, and photographs in order to address the...
Audio Lecture: Exposure—Heather Rasmussen
The second issue, published in March, 1969 with the theme Eros, included a series of faceless nudes and blurry photos of stacks of American goods by Daidō Moriyama, another talented young...
2. <em>Purov&#333;ku: shis&#333; no tame no ch&#333;hatsuteki shiry&#333; (Provoke No. 2) </em>. Tokyo, Purov&#333;ku-sha, 1969, [p.54-55].

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