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Eikoh Hosoe was a quite successful photographer working commercially as well as artistically. There is a distinct theatricality in his images. In Ordeal by Roses he featured the writer Yukio...
1. <em>Jidai o hiraita shashinkatachi : 1960-70-nendai (Photographers Who Created a New Age: 1960s-70s)</em>. Tokyo: T&#333;ky&#333;-to Bunka Shink&#333;kai: T&#333;ky&#333;-to Shashin Bijutsukan, 1993, p.122-123.
One of the few women photographers in Japan in the 1970s was Miyako Ishiuchi. In her 1977 series Yokosuka Story, she returns to her hometown Yokosuka, also the home of a U.S. naval base...
1. Ishiuchi, Miyako. <em>Sweet Home Yokosuka 1976-1980</em>. New York: PPP Editions in association with Andrew Roth, Inc., 2010, cover.
Yutaka Takanashi was already an established photographer when he joined Provoke. He joined the group partly because of Nakahira's charismatic persuasion and partly because, as he said, "...
1. Yutaka Takanashi. <em>Toshi-e</em>.  Tokyo: Takanashi Yutaka; Hatsubaimoto Izara Shob&#333;, 1974; plate 6, paperback.

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