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An introduction to Puvis' participation in the Salon and to two paintings from the 1880s, both reductions of larger, earlier works.
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Ukiyo-e artists have designed multipanel prints since the early 18th century, and their compositions have become more daring and exciting with each generation. The earliest multipanel designs...
Departmental Gallery Exhibition: Multi-Panel Prints
Hiroshige stands as an incomparable artist among the many designers of ukiyo-e [pictures of the floating world]. His prints and paintings are a marvelous evocation of rain, snow, mist and moonlight....
Departmental Gallery Exhibition: Hiroshige's Winter Scenes
Learn more about Henry Field, an early member of the Board of Trustees of the Art Institute and an important collector of Barbizon School paintings.
Historic Collections: Henry Field
The first director of the Art Institute's notebook of observations and experiences during a trip to Europe in 1889.
Turning the Pages: William M. R. French's 1889 Travel Notebook

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