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Curator Martha Tedeschi explores how the artist's influential experiments in watercolor and unorthodox ideas about framing helped create modern objects that surge with emotion.
Audio Lecture: Seeing Things: John Marin's Watercolors
This self-guide was created to supplement a visit to view Modern and Contemporary Art at the Art Institute. Guide includes informational text and activities seven artworks in the museum. Please use...
Museum Guide: Self-Guide: Modern and Contemporary Art at the Art Institute
Artist Charles Ray, joined by noted art historian Bernhard Mendes Burgi, discussed Hinoki, Ray's monumental sculpture on view at the Art Institute.
Audio Lecture: A Conversation with Charles Ray
Curator Gloria Groom discusses the origin of her idea for the exhibition Impressionism, Fashion, and Modernity.
In this lesson plan, students explore the relationship between music and art. Suggested Grade Level: 3-5 Estimated Time: One class period Introduction Music is auditory, existing in time, but art is...
Lesson Plan: Play a Painting
Students explore geometric properties and relationships in a two-dimensional work of art. They first search for and identify polygons in a Cubist painting and then use polygons...
Lesson Plan: Finding Polygons in Cubist Art
Combining previously unpublished images with scrupulous archival research, this lecture illuminates the ideological nature of the genre and the centrality of race and cultural identity in...
Audio Lecture: Cutting a Figure: Fashioning Black Portraiture
This episode of the Art Institute of Chicago Musecast includes: Collection Connection: Just getting familiar with the...
Musecast: August 2009
While living in the small town of Vallauris on the southern coast of France, Spanish artist Pablo Picasso encountered a young woman named Sylvette David. Her stunning features fascinated Picasso so...
Artwork Resource Packet: <em>Portrait of Sylvette David</em> by Pablo Picasso
In this lesson plan, students use a Surrealist word game to learn parts of speech and examine a work of art to provide inspiration for a collage-...
Lesson Plan: Surrealist Games

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