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Etchings are made by spreading a thin layer of wax on a copper plate; the artist then draws the design with a thin needle, which moves easily through the wax to expose the copper surface below. The...
Printmaking Technique: Etching Illustration 1
The majestically simple woodcut Two Human Beings: The Lonely Ones evokes a feeling of dislocation through...
Printmaking Technique: Woodcut Illustration 3
Whereas etching involves printing an area that has been incised, woodcut works in the opposite way. Here, the artist uses a tool to cut or gouge into the block, leaving a raised design. Process...
Printmaking Technique: Woodcut Illustration 1
Unlike etching and woodblock printmaking, in which an artist can theoretically prepare a matrix and print a sheet in a modest studio equipped with a small press, lithography involves complex, arduous...
Printmaking Technique: Lithography Illustration 1
Un'ichi Hiratsuka (1895-1997)
Envelopes, 1947.
Hiratsuka was a pioneer in the creative print movement, advocating a revival of traditional Japanese printmaking with an emphasis...
04. <em>Envelopes</em>, Un'ichi Hiratsuka.
The Terra Foundation for American Art presents Amy Galpin, San Diego Museum of Art, as she explores the work of Morris Topchevsky, Edward Millman, Florence Arquin, Charles White, and others who were...
Audio Lecture: Second Cities—20th-Century American Artists in Chicago and Mexico City
Susan Dackerman, Harvard University, focuses on Albrecht Durer's scientific images and his contributions to astronomy, cartography, mathematics, and natural history.
Audio Lecture: Taking Durer Out of the Box
Henri Zerner, Harvard University, reveals a confluence of influences that resulted in extraordinary works by the Master of Anne de Bretagne.
Audio Lecture: The Pigouchet Hours: A Small Masterpiece by a Great Parisian Master
Katsukawa Shunko's print captures the Kabuki actor Ichikawa Danjûro in his role as Kazusa no Gorobei Tadamitsu in a play called "Returning Home in Splendor." In works such as this one the worlds of...
Artwork and Artist Information: <em>The Actor Ichikawa Danjûroô V as Kazusa no Gorobei Tadamitsu</em> by Katsukawa Shunkô
Sharecropper shows Elizabeth Catlett’s activism on behalf of African American women in the South, who she believed maintained their dignity in the face of great adversity. Includes...
Artwork and Artist Information: <em>Sharecropper</em> by Elizabeth Catlett

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