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Stephanie D'Alessandro, exhibition curator, discusses the artist's connections with the city.
Audio Lecture: 100 Years of Picasso and Chicago
Melanie Herzog, Edgewood College, revisits Elizabeth Catlett’s place in a lively community of socially conscious Chicago artists in the 1940s. Presented with the Terra Foundation for American Art.
Audio Lecture: Elizabeth Catlett—Affiliations in Chicago
Christina D. Michelon, Master’s candidate in Art History at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, presents her paper, “Fans of A Harlot’s Progress and the Commodification of Hogarthian...
Audio Lecture: Fans of <em>A Harlot’s Progress</em> and the Commodification of Hogarthian Motifs
The Windows on the War exhibition team contracted artist Alexis Petroff to re-create a stenciled and painted TASS poster in order to reveal the amazing amount of handwork required in the...
Video: Recreation of a TASS Print with Alexis Petroff
Since in the mid-1960s Sturtevant has meticulously re-created works by other artists—including Marcel Duchamp, Jasper Johns, Frank Stella, Roy Lichtenstein, George Segal, Claes Oldenburg, Robert...
Video: Lecture with Elaine Sturtevant
Stamps have been used throughout the Americas since ancient times for creating patterns on textiles, in plaster, etc. They were often made for mass consumption and in some cases were used as articles...
Classroom Activity: Making Stamps
Now the stone is ready to be printed. Continually wetted with water, the surface of the stone where the oily drawing was made repels the water and attracts only the greasy ink rolled onto it....
Printmaking Technique: Lithography Illustration 3
At this point the drawn areas will attract greasy printing ink, while the porous limestone will repel it. Then the artist or printer removes the drawing material so that the stone appears to be—but...
Printmaking Technique: Lithography Illustration 2

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