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Erin Hogan, director of public affairs, and Jill Bugajski, research associate, walk through and discuss the origins and themes of Windows on the War, an exhibition of Soviet TASS posters from World...
Video: Overview of Windows on the War—Soviet TASS Posters at Home and Abroad, 1941-1945
Exhibition curator Jill Bugajski examines “multiplied original” stencils employed by the Soviet TASS poster artists to duplicate original designs.
Audio Lecture: Poster Technologies: Stencil and the “Multiplied Original” in the TASS Series
Curator Suzanne McCullagh selected highlights from Capturing the Sublime: Italian Drawings of the Renaissance
and Baroque
to demonstrate how artists find inspiration in earlier masters...
Audio Lecture: Artists Looking at Each Other—How Drawings Betray Their Sources
Roy Perkinson, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, finds that truth can be elusive in the process of restoring Old Master prints. Artwork: Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn. Abraham's Sacrifice, 1655...
Audio Lecture: What You See is Not What You Get—Deceptive Restorations and Alterations in Old Master Prints
The curator of the exhibition Drawings in Dialogue: Old Master through Modern discusses how this extraordinary collection of richly varied drawings came together, and highlights some of the...
Audio Lecture: Curator's Talk: Drawings in Dialogue
The paper is placed over the plate and run through a strong press that pushes the paper into the grooves to make the impression. Printing was done either by specialty establishments or by artists...
Printmaking Technique: Etching Illustration 3
In celebration of the 400th birthday anniversary of Rembrandt, art historian Stephanie Dickey describes the young genius's grappling with the art of the past, his irreverent sense of humor, and his...
Audio Lecture: Breaking Away: How Rembrandt Became an Original Artist
Afterward, ink is applied into the grooves and the surface of the plate is wiped clean, so that the grooves are the only areas still holding ink.
Process image created by Matt Stolle and...
Printmaking Technique: Etching Illustration 2
The surface of this raised design is then inked and printed. Because Munch chose to work on the soft side grain of the block rather than the hard end grain, the tree’s growth rings were visible in...
Printmaking Technique: Woodcut Illustration 2
An introduction to Cassatt's series of prints, inspired by Japanese woodblock prints, of scenes from a woman's daily life.
Video: Cassatt and Printmaking

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