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This undated outline traces the rationale behind Goldberg's "city within a city" philosophy.
02. Untitled manuscript outline, n.d.
DANIEL H. BURNHAM (1846-1912)
Burnham's impact on the built environment of Chicago and many other American cities is legendary. With partner John Root he oversaw the design and construction of...
03.	Diary page for January 28, 1896
PETER J. WEBER (1863-1923)
Cologne native Weber attended the Technische Hochschule at Charlottenburg (Berlin) while working at the successful Berlin architectural firm Kayser and von Grossheim...
03.  "Pocetti / Firense / Ufficien," n.d.
D. CODER TAYLOR (1913-2000)
Taylor studied architecture at Carnegie Institute of Technology, graduating in 1935, and began his professional career in the Chicago office of his uncle R. Harold...
03.  "Presbyterian First Church of Otago, Dunedin," 1993 [New Zealand]
After graduating from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1908, Tallmadge first joined Daniel Burnham's practice and then established a partnership with...
03.  "Salisbury Cathedral 9/8/08" [England]
HARRY MOHR WEESE (1915-1998)
Architecture was his professional goal from a very early age and young Harry had settled on Massachusetts Institute of Technology by the time he was twelve....
03.  "Tingshus," 1937 [Courthouse, Nyköping, Sweden]

Cottage Residences, or, A Series of Designs for Rural Cottages and Cottage Villas, and their Gardens and Grounds, adapted to North America....
03. "Design VIII. A Villa in the Italian Style"

Palliser's New Cottage Homes and Details, containing nearly Two Hundred & Fifty new & original Designs in all the Modern Popular Styles......
03. "Designs 30 and 31," Two Cottages, plate 11
THE RADFORD ARCHITECTURAL COMPANYThe Radford American Homes: 100 House Plans. Riverside, IL: The Radford Architectural Company, 1903.Front Elevation, Details, and Specifications for Design...
03. "House Design No. 504"
November 10-11, 1941. Transcript, p.141.

In contrast to manufacturers of automobiles and other mass-produced household devices—who were often commercially successful in introducing...
03. "Meeting of Manufacturers Of Prefabricated Housing With Division of Defense Housing."

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