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Uniforms marketed specifically for female hotel elevator operators. With changes in societal attitudes and the need for men on the frontlines of World War I, a great number of women were entering the...
01b. [Fabric samples]. Angelica Jacket Company; Saint Louis, MO; 1919.
By the mid-1930s the subdued hues and all-whites popularized in the 1920s were beginning to fade out of style as color was once again associated with modernity.
06. "Things are Looking Brighter with 'Bright-Ons.'" Evans Product Company; Portland, OR; c.1975.
During the mid-1930s, the renovation of existing buildings, dubbed “modernization,” became an increasingly significant portion of construction activity within the U.S....
03. "Remodeling with Kawneer." Kawneer Architectural Products; Niles, MI; 1975.
Terrazzo (from the Italian word for “terraces”) was first developed by 15th century Venetian artisans as low-cost flooring for outdoor spaces. Originally a repurposing of marble remnants...
05. "Terrazzo." Universal Atlas Cement Company; Chicago, IL; c.1932.
The significant rise in the number of technical and professional staff employed by modern businesses demanded offices with greater privacy and improved acoustics, lighting and climate control, while...
02. "Arnot Introduces 'A New Way of Life' in the Office." Swan Equipment Company; Buffalo, NY; 1954.

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