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817 N. Dearborn St.
circa 1891 by Patton & Fisher
Demolition date not found, possibly late 1960s; now the site of a parking lot
Located in proximity to the Newberry Family's...
02. Newberry Hotel
North Ave. near Harlem Ave., River Forest, IL, 1938 (with Gilmer V. Black, associate architect). Hedrich-Blessing, photographer.
02. North Pole Ice Cream Store. Exterior night view, c.1938.
WILLIAM PAIN (1730-1790)

The Carpenter's Pocket Directory, containing the Best Methods of Framing Timber Buildings of all Figures and Dimensions... with Explanations, Forming the...
02. Roof Trusses, plate XV
1942-1943 (with Gilmer V. Black, associate architect). Rodney McKay Morgan, photographer.
02. Standard Houses, Suitland, MD. Interior view, c.1942-1942.
Stanley Tigerman (b.1930).
Untitled Essay, c. 1974.
Tigerman writes extensively of his architectural education at Yale University, particularly noting the influence of Paul...
02. Stanley Tigerman, <em>Untitled Essay</em>.
This undated outline traces the rationale behind Goldberg's "city within a city" philosophy.
02. Untitled manuscript outline, n.d.

Cottage Residences, or, A Series of Designs for Rural Cottages and Cottage Villas, and their Gardens and Grounds, adapted to North America....
03. "Design VIII. A Villa in the Italian Style"

Palliser's New Cottage Homes and Details, containing nearly Two Hundred & Fifty new & original Designs in all the Modern Popular Styles......
03. "Designs 30 and 31," Two Cottages, plate 11
THE RADFORD ARCHITECTURAL COMPANYThe Radford American Homes: 100 House Plans. Riverside, IL: The Radford Architectural Company, 1903.Front Elevation, Details, and Specifications for Design...
03. "House Design No. 504"

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