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In Part Two, "Mountain Architecture," Bruno Taut generally describes the refashioning of mountain ranges according to Scheerbart's principles on glass architecture: "Above the vegetation line the...
02. Bruno Taut, <em>Alpine Architektur</em>. Hagen, Germany: Folkwang Verlag Publishing, 1919, plate 7.
The 4D Dymaxion House was a smaller scale version of Buckminster Fuller's 4D Towers. The single-family house was hexagonal, made from metal, suspended from a central mast, and intended to be easily...
02. Buckminster Fuller, <em>Better Homes for Lower Incomes</em>. New York: Revere Copper and Brass, [194-]
W. 14th Pl., W. 15th St. between S. Racine Ave and S. Morgan St.
ca. 1925 by Fugard and Knapp
2006-8 Conversion by Pappageorge/Haymes and Enterprise Co.
What began as the produce...
02. Chicago Produce District

The Tri-Tower (or Sky-Tri) was an unbuilt high rise project, conceived as three 150 story towers with interconnecting tubular bridges designed to form a "cobweb... of human urban...
02. Chicago Tri-Tower (aka Sky-Tri), Chicago, IL. Elevation, c.1988.
Northwest corner of 12th Place and Canal St.
1901-1904, Louis Sullivan
Demolished prior to 1935; now the site of a shopping center parking lot
This is one of several buildings that...
02. Crane Company Offices
Northeast corner of 8th St. & Wabash Ave.
1905 by Richard E. Schmidt; Schmidt, Garden & Martin [?]
Demolished 1960; now the site of an extension of the Conrad Hilton Hotel
02. Eighth Street Theater
6366 N. Milwaukee Ave. (at Nagle near Devon)
1851 architect unknown; photograph by Barbara Crane
Demolished 1980; now the site of a Dunkin' Donuts
Before being destroyed by a fire...
02. Henry W. Rincker Residence
Clark, Cermak and State Streets; Chicago, IL, 1963-1966.

The Hilliard Homes, public housing for families and the elderly built for the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA), continue to be one...
02. Hilliard, Raymond, Homes. Site plan, c.1964-1965.
Iakov Chernikhov's use of the term "architectural fantasies" is his own, meant to describe a teaching exercise which allows a student to work out compositional problems on paper based on a set of...
02. Iakov Chernikhov, <em>Architectural Fantasies: 101 Compositions</em>. Leningrad: Mezhdunarodnaia kniga, 1933.
Grant Park & Harrison
1893 by Bradford L. Gilbert
Demolished 1974; land incorporated into Grant Park
This large Romanesque station opened in 1893 to accommodate visitors to...
02. Illinois Central Railroad Station

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