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With the deaths of Antonio Sant'Elia and Umberto Boccioni in World War I, Futurist architecture was never fully realized. In the 1920s F. T. Marinetti hoped the work of Virgilio Marchi would revive...
01. Virgilio Marchi, <em>Architettura futurista</em>. Foligno: F. Campitelli, 1924.
D. CODER TAYLOR (1913-2000)
Taylor studied architecture at Carnegie Institute of Technology, graduating in 1935, and began his professional career in the Chicago office of his uncle R. Harold...
02.	"Italian Church of the Beatitudes, on the Shore of the Sea of Galilee," 1994 [Israel]
MARTYL (1917-2013)
Martyl Langsdorf, professionally known simply as Martyl, first began to paint as a child when she accompanied her mother to the summer program at the Cape Cod School of Art....
02.  "Oxford," n.d. [England]
HARRY MOHR WEESE (1915-1998)
Architecture was his professional goal from a very early age and young Harry had settled on Massachusetts Institute of Technology by the time he was twelve....
02.  "Soochow," April 1973 [Suzhou, China]
ELMER C. JENSEN (1870-1955)
Jensen's formal education ended with seventh grade, which he supplemented with some night school classes in drawing. Declaring he liked to draw and wanted to be an...
02.  Unidentified location, n.d.

The Builders' Portfolio containing ... Plates, showing Perspective Views, Elevations and Floor Plans ... Section 1-3...
02. "Color Sheet" and plate 200, portfolio 2
ASHER BENJAMIN (1773-1845)

The Architect, or Practical House Carpenter: Illustrated by Sixty-four Engravings, which exhibit the Orders of Architecture, and other Elements of the Art...
02. "Design for a Front Door Case," plate XXVIII

Cottage Residences, or, A Series of Designs for Rural Cottages and Cottage Villas, and their Gardens and Grounds, adapted to North America....
02. "Design II.  A cottage in the English, or Rural Gothic Style"
SAMUEL SLOAN (1815-1884)

The Model Architect: a Series of Original Designs for Cottages, Villas, Suburban Residences, etc... Prepared expressly for the Use of Projectors and Artisans...
02. "Design VI. Italian Villa," vol. 1, plates XXI-XXII
DANIEL H. BURNHAM (1846-1912)
Burnham's impact on the built environment of Chicago and many other American cities is legendary. With partner John Root he oversaw the design and construction of...
02. "Feb 22d 1896 The Pyramids"

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