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J.W. Taylor, photographer.
View c.1890.
Edward Baumann and Harris Huehl, architects, 1890.
One of the first commercial photographers specializing in architecture J. W. Taylor worked...
02. <em>Chamber of Commerce Building, Interior</em>, J.W. Taylor.
William Brubaker (1926-2002).
New Trier High School, Winnetka, IL, c.1962.
Brubaker, a partner in the architecture firm Perkins & Will, wrote and lectured extensively on...
02. <em>New Trier High School</em>.
The Chicago Spire, sales brochure, 2008. Santiago Calatrava, architect.
02. <em>The Chicago Spire</em>

Palliser's Model Homes showing a Variety of Designs for Model Dwellings... Together with a large amount of Miscellaneous Matter, making in all a very...
02. Advertisements for Brown &amp; Brothers boilers, Bickelhoupt's skylights, and Lucas paints
1200 W. Belden Ave.
1897 by Richard E. Schmidt
Closed 1968, Demolished 1977; now the site of a nursing home
This was the first hospital designed by Richard E. Schmidt and was also...
02. Alexian Brothers Hospital
Drawing inspiration from the branches of a tree, the human hand, and the cellular structure of the living body, Bruce Goff conceived a structure that reflected the interconnectedness and plasticity...
02. Bruce Goff. Space Study Institute. Typescript, with graphite sketches, 1956
In Part Two, "Mountain Architecture," Bruno Taut generally describes the refashioning of mountain ranges according to Scheerbart's principles on glass architecture: "Above the vegetation line the...
02. Bruno Taut, <em>Alpine Architektur</em>. Hagen, Germany: Folkwang Verlag Publishing, 1919, plate 7.
The 4D Dymaxion House was a smaller scale version of Buckminster Fuller's 4D Towers. The single-family house was hexagonal, made from metal, suspended from a central mast, and intended to be easily...
02. Buckminster Fuller, <em>Better Homes for Lower Incomes</em>. New York: Revere Copper and Brass, [194-]
W. 14th Pl., W. 15th St. between S. Racine Ave and S. Morgan St.
ca. 1925 by Fugard and Knapp
2006-8 Conversion by Pappageorge/Haymes and Enterprise Co.
What began as the produce...
02. Chicago Produce District

The Tri-Tower (or Sky-Tri) was an unbuilt high rise project, conceived as three 150 story towers with interconnecting tubular bridges designed to form a "cobweb... of human urban...
02. Chicago Tri-Tower (aka Sky-Tri), Chicago, IL. Elevation, c.1988.

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