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900-930 S. Homan Ave.
1905 by Nimmons and Fellows
Majority of complex demolished 1995
2009 Conversion of powerhouse into a high school, Farr Associates
Only the tower in...
01. Sears, Roebuck and Company Complex

Intended as a "demonstration that would take the stigma away from prefabrication and... plywood," this residence for John Snyder, president of the Pressed Steel Car Company,...
01. Snyder, John, Residence, Shelter Island, NY. Exterior view, [1952].
Looking South on Ashland Ave. near Carroll St., view dating to the early 1880s
Built between 1871-1880s, various architects
At one time, this stretch of Ashland Avenue was filled with...
01. South Ashland Avenue, Chicago

The Standard Houses Corporation was formed by Goldberg in 1939 and, with FHA-insured mortgages and a price of only $3000, the first five Standard Houses built in Melrose...
01. Standard Houses Corporation. Brochure, c.1940-1942.
Thomas R. Burleigh (1919-2007).
Untitled Essay, September 18, 1998.
As an undergraduate architecture student at the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) in the early 1940s,...
01. Thomas R. Burleigh <em>Untitled Essay</em>.
With the deaths of Antonio Sant'Elia and Umberto Boccioni in World War I, Futurist architecture was never fully realized. In the 1920s F. T. Marinetti hoped the work of Virgilio Marchi would revive...
01. Virgilio Marchi, <em>Architettura futurista</em>. Foligno: F. Campitelli, 1924.
D. CODER TAYLOR (1913-2000)
Taylor studied architecture at Carnegie Institute of Technology, graduating in 1935, and began his professional career in the Chicago office of his uncle R. Harold...
02.	"Italian Church of the Beatitudes, on the Shore of the Sea of Galilee," 1994 [Israel]
MARTYL (1917-2013)
Martyl Langsdorf, professionally known simply as Martyl, first began to paint as a child when she accompanied her mother to the summer program at the Cape Cod School of Art....
02.  "Oxford," n.d. [England]

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