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In line with eighteenth-century Enlightenment ideals, the library is designed as a public space that gathers all human knowledge, making it accessible to all. The room is defined by the massive form...
01. &#201;tienne-Louis Boull&#233;e, <em>Project for the Bibliotheque du Roi, in M&#233;moire sur les Moyens de Procurer &#225; la Biblioth&#233;que du Roi les Avantages que ce Monument Exige.</em> Paris: L. Cellot, [1785]
Archigram 6 was conceived of as two magazines—the front half of the issue is devoted to innovations of the 1960s; the back half is devoted to the 1940s. University Node is an appendage of...
01. <em>Archigram</em> 6. London: Archigram, 1965
Bruce Goff (1904-1982).
Patri Residence Elevation, Corte Madera, CA, 1946.
After his service with a naval construction battalion in World War II, Goff employed the Quonset hut...
01. <em>Patri Residence, elevation/<em>.
The Chicago Spire, promotional event invitation, 2008. Santiago Calatrava, architect.
01. <em>The Chicago Spire</em>
1200 W. Belden Ave.
1897 by Richard E. Schmidt
Closed 1968, Demolished 1977; now the site of a nursing home
This was the first hospital designed by Richard E. Schmidt and was also...
01. Alexian Brothers Hospital
Drawing inspiration from the branches of a tree, the human hand, and the cellular structure of the living body, Bruce Goff conceived a structure that reflected the interconnectedness and plasticity...
01. Bruce Goff. Study for Space Study Institute, 1956
Part One comprises several designs for a crystal house, an apolitical and secular center of worship for the new mankind. Bruno Taut describes the inside: "Speaking is not permitted in the temples—one...
01. Bruno Taut, <em>Alpine Architektur</em>. Hagen, Germany: Folkwang Verlag Publishing, 1919, plate 4.
Buckminster Fuller self-published 4D Time Lock in the late 1920s, calling for a new type of housing that could be constructed in a day. Answering his own call, Fuller sketched several visionary...
01. Buckminster Fuller, <em>4D Time Lock</em>. Albuquerque, New Mexico: Lama Foundation, [c.1972]

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