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Although avant-garde architects struggled with some of the same issues as the Futurist thinkers, few practicing architects joined the movement. In 1914, F. T. Marinetti began courting the architect...
04. Antonio Sant'Elia, "Manifesto of Futurist Architecture." Lacerba, 1 August 1914.
Bertrand Goldberg (1913-1997).
Memoirs: Presque Perdues, revised February 22, 1985.
In his 75-page memoir Goldberg discusses many of his projects relating the ongoing Bauhaus...
04. Bertrand Goldberg, <em>Memoirs: Presque Perdues</em>.
Part four, "Structures of the Earth's Crust," moves from the reconstruction of mountain ranges to the reworking of the entire Earth with glass architecture, and expands to Part Five, "Star Structures...
04. Bruno Taut, <em>Alpine Architektur</em>. Hagen, Germany: Folkwang Verlag Publishing, 1919, plate 28.
1101 N. LaSalle St., Chicago, IL, 1938. Hedrich-Blessing, photographer.

Built for Frank Katzin, this gas station was built shortly after the North Pole Ice Cream Store and, similarly,...
04. Clark/Maple Gas Station. Exterior view, c.1938.
1914 by Paul Gerhardt with Schmidt, Garden & Martin
This Beaux Arts building was Cook County's primary hospital until Stroger Hospital opened in 2002. After many years of preservation...
04. Cook County Hospital
14-16 West Lake St. (view from El Tracks)
1912 by Hill & Woltersdorf
Demolished 1927; now the site of the Renaissance Hotel
Once the headquarters and Loop storefront for the...
04. DeVoe Building

Following a 1978 master plan developed for the hospital and surrounding area, Goldberg designed this 750 bed, 12 story hospital to replace an obsolete existing facility. In...
04. Good Samaritan Hospital, Phoenix, AZ. Exterior view, c.1982.
6 N. Dearborn St.
1872 by unknown architect; later addition by Adler & Sullivan
Demolished 1940; now the site of Three First National Plaza
When this Italianate building was...
04. Grant Hotel (aka Inter Ocean Building)
67-71 W. Randolph St.
1895 by Holsman and Hunt
Demolished 1962; now the site of the Richard J. Daley Center
Hailed as "Chicago's most famous restaurant," Henrici's German...
04. Henrici's Restaurant
HOUSES FROM KITSA Book of Plans. Chicago: Harris Brothers Co., 1914-15.Page [2 of 3].
04. House Designs No. 56 and No. 127

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