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4575 S. Lake Park Ave.
1892 by Adler & Sullivan
Demolished 1970; now a vacant lot
This house was commissioned by Sullivan's brother, Albert, and is said to be the best small...
03. Albert W. Sullivan Residence
1200 W. Belden Ave.
1897 by Richard E. Schmidt
Closed 1968, Demolished 1977; now the site of a nursing home
This was the first hospital designed by Richard E. Schmidt and was also...
03. Alexian Brothers Hospital
Transcript excerpt.

In this excerpt from a 1965 tour of the Hilliard Homes construction with counter-cultural icon Timothy Leary, the two men look down on the grounds of the project...
03. Bertrand Goldberg interview with Timothy Leary, from Raymond Hilliard Homes, December 10, 1965. Transcript excerpt.
In a letter of June 13th to Goldberg, Wood defended the FHA's denial of mortgage insurance for the Marina City Detroit proposal by explaining that "the rejection by FHA does not stem from any lack of...
03. Bertrand Goldberg to Robert C. Wood, Undersecretary Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), June 17, 1968.
This photograph documents a row of buildings with arched entryways similar to the one in Ware’s story. Similar residences may at one time have flanked the building in Building Stories.
03. Block of Chicago Rowhouses circa 1890s. Historic Architecture and Landscape Image Collection.
Drawing inspiration from the branches of a tree, the human hand, and the cellular structure of the living body, Bruce Goff conceived a structure that reflected the interconnectedness and plasticity...
03. Bruce Goff. Study for Interior Structure: Space Study Institute.  Typescript, with graphite sketches, 1956
Bruce Graham (1925-2010).
Untitled Essay, n.d.
Graham recounts the projects he designed during his early years at Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, noting special design features,...
03. Bruce Graham, <em>Untitled Essay</em>.
"Mountains crowned and reworked, valleys improved... Airplanes and dirigibles carry happy people, who are glad to be free of sickness and sorrow through viewing of their work in blissful moments. To...
03. Bruno Taut, <em>Alpine Architektur</em>. Hagen, Germany: Folkwang Verlag Publishing, 1919, plate 17.
3301 W. Franklin Blvd.
1921 by Schmidt, Garden & Martin
Demolished 2008; site of new Westinghouse College Prep
Once the largest Prairie School building ever constructed, this...
03. Bunte Candy Co. (later Westinghouse Vocational High School)
1800 W. Madison St.
1929 by Hall, Lawrence and Ratcliffe, Inc.
Demolished 1995; now the site of a parking lot for the United Center
At one time, this Art Deco stadium was the...
03. Chicago Stadium

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