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Benjamin Weese (b.1929).
Brochure for the exhibition "Chicago Seven--The Exquisite Corpse" at the Walter Kelly Gallery, Chicago, 1977.
During the 1970s, Weese joined the "Chicago Seven,"...
04. "Chicago Seven--The Exquisite Corpse" brochure.
THE RADFORD ARCHITECTURAL COMPANYThe Radford American Homes: 100 House Plans. Riverside, IL: The Radford Architectural Company, 1903.Front Elevation, Details, and Specifications for Design...
04. "House Design No. 504"

Hints to Persons about Building in the Country. New York: Wiley and Putnam, 1847.

In this essay Downing advocated hiring a...
04. "How to Build"
ASHER BENJAMIN (1773-1845)

The Builder's Guide, or, Complete System of Architecture: Illustrated by Sixty-six Engravings, which exhibit the Orders of Architecture, and other Elements...
04. "Ionic Order," plate IX
WILLIAM PAIN (1730-1790)

The Practical House Carpenter; or, Youth's Instructor: Containing a Great Variety of Useful Designs in Carpentry and Architecture... The Whole Illustrated,...
04. "List of Prices, for Material and Labor, and Labor Only..."
A.C. Rehberger Company, Chicago.
Adler Planetarium, c. 1930. Ernest A. Grunsfeld, Jr., architect, 1930.
The A.C. Rehberger Company, founded in 1912, was one of a few companies...
04. <em>Adler Planetarium</em> model, A.C. Rehberger Company.
Archigram 8 was created for the 1967 Milan Triennale, the theme of which was "The Greater Number," reflecting the emergence of world population as an environmental and social problem....
04. <em>Archigram</em> 8. London: Archigram, 1968
Harold Allen (1912-1998), photographer.
Lake Chemical Company (aka Egyptian Lacquer Manufacturing Company Building), 3052 W. Carroll Ave., Chicago. n.d. Lockwood, Greene & Co.,...
04. <em>Lake Chemical Company</em>, Harold Allen.
4575 S. Lake Park Ave.
1892 by Adler & Sullivan
Demolished 1970; now a vacant lot
This house was commissioned by Sullivan's brother, Albert, and is said to be the best small...
04. Albert W. Sullivan Residence
1200 W. Belden Ave.
1897 by Richard E. Schmidt
Closed 1968, Demolished 1977; now the site of a nursing home
This was the first hospital designed by Richard E. Schmidt and was also...
04. Alexian Brothers Hospital

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