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Archigram 6 was conceived of as two magazines—the front half of the issue is devoted to innovations of the 1960s; the back half is devoted to the 1940s. University Node is an appendage of...
01. <em>Archigram</em> 6. London: Archigram, 1965
With the deaths of Antonio Sant'Elia and Umberto Boccioni in World War I, Futurist architecture was never fully realized. In the 1920s F. T. Marinetti hoped the work of Virgilio Marchi would revive...
01. Virgilio Marchi, <em>Architettura futurista</em>. Foligno: F. Campitelli, 1924.
325 W. Englewood Ave.
1926 by Homer Grant Sailor
Demolished ca. late 1950s; now the site of a high school track field
This modest three-floor apartment building was designed by...
08. Edward Claus Apartments &amp; Floor Plans
THE RADFORD ARCHITECTURAL COMPANYThe Radford American Homes: 100 House Plans. Riverside, IL: The Radford Architectural Company, 1903.Front Elevation, Details, and Specifications for Design...
05. "House Design No. 504"
SAMUEL SLOAN (1815-1884)

The Model Architect: a Series of Original Designs for Cottages, Villas, Suburban Residences, etc... Prepared expressly for the Use of Projectors and Artisans...
02. "Design VI. Italian Villa," vol. 1, plates XXI-XXII
c.1940-1943. The Standard Houses Corporation was formed by Goldberg in 1939 and, with FHA-insured mortgages and a price of only $3000, the first five Standard Houses built in Melrose Park, Illinois...
01. Standard Houses Corporation. Brochure, c.1940-1942.
67th St. and Columbus Ave., New York, NY, 1963. An interior sample board prototype for carpet, fabric, and wall paint specifications.
10. American Broadcasting Company Office Building (ABC Building), New York, NY. Interior fabric sample board, [1963].
300 N. State St., Chicago, IL, 1959-1967.

Rent for an efficiency apartment was $115 per month, and $400 for a two bedroom when Marina City opened.
04. Marina City, Chicago, IL. Rental application, c.1963.
3301 S. Indiana Ave. 1890-91 by Adler & Sullivan Gutted by fire 2006; exterior walls remain Originally the K.A.M. (Kehilath Anshe Ma'ariv) Isaiah Israel Temple, the building became a Baptist...
10. Pilgrim Baptist Church
3900 W. Block of Congress Pkwy.
Dates and architects unknown
Exhaustive documentation was made of each building in the path of the new expressway, presumably to calculate compensation...
08. Land Procurement

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