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Palliser's New Cottage Homes and Details, containing nearly Two Hundred & Fifty new & original Designs in all the Modern Popular Styles......
03. "Designs 30 and 31," Two Cottages, plate 11
THE RADFORD ARCHITECTURAL COMPANYThe Radford American Homes: 100 House Plans. Riverside, IL: The Radford Architectural Company, 1903.Front Elevation, Details, and Specifications for Design...
03. "House Design No. 504"
November 10-11, 1941. Transcript, p.141.

In contrast to manufacturers of automobiles and other mass-produced household devices—who were often commercially successful in introducing...
03. "Meeting of Manufacturers Of Prefabricated Housing With Division of Defense Housing."
ASHER BENJAMIN (1773-1845)

The Country Builder's Assistant: fully explaining, the Best Methods for Striking Regular and Quirked Mouldings: ... 2nd ed. Boston: Spotswood and...
03. "Plan and Scrole of the Twist Rail for a Staircase," plate XXV
Archigram 8 was created for the 1967 Milan Triennale, the theme of which was "The Greater Number," reflecting the emergence of world population as an environmental and social problem....
03. <em>Archigram</em> 8. London: Archigram, 1968
Harold Allen (1912-1998), photographer.
Data Sheet for Dorn and Barneberg Mausoleums, Odd Fellows Cemetery, San Luis Obispo, CA, July 22-23, 1954.
Allen studied photography at...
03. <em>Data Sheet for Dorn and Barneberg Mausoleums</em>, Harold Allen.
Mrs. James Ward Thorne, Miniature Rooms. San Francisco: Schwabacher-Frey Co., 1939.

Publishing: Mrs. James Ward Thorne, E-29: English Roman Catholic Church in the...
03. <em>E-29: English Roman Catholic Church in the Gothic Style, 1275-1300</em>, Mrs. James Ward Thorne
In the early 1930s Buckminster Fuller was the editor for Shelter magazine. Throughout his tenure Fuller published not only some of his visionary schemes but also those of his contemporaries...
03. <em>Shelter</em>, November 1932
Holabird & Root, architects, 1929.
The Palmolive Building, rental brochure, c.1928.
Publications such as leasing and sales brochures offer essential details about buildings--...
03. <em>The Palmolive Building</em>.
Benjamin Weese (b.1929).
Townhouse, sketch for the exhibition "Chicago Seven--The Exquisite Corpse" at the Walter Kelly Gallery, Chicago, 1977.
During the 1970s, Weese joined the...
03. <em>Townhouse</em>, sketch.

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