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HENRY P. GLASS (1911-2003)
Glass completed undergraduate and graduate degrees in architecture at the Vienna Technical University, and immigrated to the United States in 1939. Settling in...
01.	"Burg Forchtenstein, Burgenland 1988." <em>100 Travel Sketches by Henry P. Glass</em>. Northfield, IL: E.C.G. Publishers, 2000.
MARTYL (1917-2013)
Martyl Langsdorf, professionally known simply as Martyl, first began to paint as a child when she accompanied her mother to the summer program at the Cape Cod School of Art....
01.  "Acropolis - Athens," 1966 [Greece]
ELMER C. JENSEN (1870-1955)
Jensen's formal education ended with seventh grade, which he supplemented with some night school classes in drawing. Declaring he liked to draw and wanted to be an...
01.  "Old Houses. Lyons. 6/17/88" [France]
ALLAN J. GELBIN (1929-1994)
Impressed by the organic architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, Gelbin chose to become a Taliesin apprentice in 1949 after his first two years of architectural...
01.  "Southport, CT. 8-17-85"
Asbestos—a word now synonymous with “carcinogen”—has been used for a variety of purposes for thousands of years. Ancient Greeks and Romans referred to the material as “the magic...
01. "Asbestoseal." The Master Mechanics Company; Cleveland, OH; c.1920-1922.
Structural glass includes many common products such as glass building blocks, reinforced plate glass, and pigmented structural glass (such as “Carrara”). Pigmented structural glass was...
01. "Carrara: The Modern Structural Glass" [sample case]. Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company; Pittsburgh, PA; 1941.
ASHER BENJAMIN (1773-1845)

Elements of Architecture, containing the Tuscan, Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian Orders, with all their Details and Embellishments. Also, the Theory and...
01. "Chronological Table" and "Principles of Architecture"

The Builders' Portfolio containing ... Plates, showing Perspective Views, Elevations and Floor Plans ... Section 1-3...
01. "Color Sheet" and plate 200, portfolio 2

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