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Mrs. James Ward Thorne, Miniature Rooms. San Francisco: Schwabacher-Frey Co., 1939.

Publishing: Mrs. James Ward Thorne, E-29: English Roman Catholic Church in the...
03. <em>E-29: English Roman Catholic Church in the Gothic Style, 1275-1300</em>, Mrs. James Ward Thorne
Uncover the world of ancient Egypt, Greece, and Italy through 20 works from the Art Institute's Ancient collection. This extensive manual includes historical essays, discussion questions, classroom...
Teacher Manual: Art of the Ancient Mediterranean World
Henri Zerner, Harvard University, reveals a confluence of influences that resulted in extraordinary works by the Master of Anne de Bretagne.
Audio Lecture: The Pigouchet Hours: A Small Masterpiece by a Great Parisian Master
201 W. Harrison, Southwest corner at Wells
1889/1890 by Solon S. Beman
Closed 1969, Demolished 1971; now the site of an empty field
At one time, this station serviced upwards of 40...
01. Grand Central Station
2900 S. Michigan Ave. 1920 by Paul Gerhardt Demolished 1967; now the site of a parking lot The Splitdorf Electrical Company was an automotive parts firm that was said to have produced the first...
04. Splitdorf Electrical Building
64 W. Randolph St.
1891-2 by Adler & Sullivan
Demolished 1961; now the site of the Goodman Theater
This theater opened as a stage play venue and was later used for films and...
06. Schiller Building (later Garrick Theater)
3900 W. Block of Congress Pkwy.
Dates and architects unknown
Exhaustive documentation was made of each building in the path of the new expressway, presumably to calculate compensation...
09. Land Procurement
Northwest corner of N. Wacker Drive at W. Randolph St. 1852 by John M. Van Osdel Demolished 1963; now the site of the Randolph-Wacker Building Built as the offices for lumber baron Sylvester Lind,...
03. Lind Block (a.k.a. Sargent Building)
14-16 West Lake St. (view from El Tracks)
1912 by Hill & Woltersdorf
Demolished 1927; now the site of the Renaissance Hotel
Once the headquarters and Loop storefront for the...
04. DeVoe Building
666 N. State St. 1891 by Patton & Fisher Demolished 2006; now the site of the 26-story Dana Hotel and Spa At the time the it was torn down, the Hotel Dana was one of the few remaining grandly-...
03. Erie Apartment Building (later the Hotel Dana)

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