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At this lecture, art historian and filmmaker Benoy Behl reveals his recent extraordinary photographic views of significant ancient murals in India. He also screened two of his short art films that...
Audio Lecture: Murals and Sculpture of India
To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Art Institute's acquisition of this masterpiece by El Greco, art historian Richard Mann tells the exciting story of the painting's commission, its stylistic...
Audio Lecture: El Greco's <em>Assumption of the Virgin</em>
Inge Fiedler, Conservation Microscopist, discusses the technical study of Georges Seurat's A Sunday on La Grande Jatte 1884, painted between 1884 and 1886. Using an innovative technique...
Audio Lecture: Science Chicago—A Technical Study of <em>A Sunday on La Grande Jatte</em>
Artist Rhonda Wheatley looks at the inspiration taken from paintings and sculpture by Cy Twombly, whose recent works will inaugurate the Modern Wing in May 2009.
Audio Lecture: Rhonda Wheatley Connects with Cy Twombly
Edra Soto is a Chicago-based artist who has exhibited internationally and locally. Her paintings, photographs, objects, and installations reflect an interest in pop culture, private mythologies, and...
Audio Lecture: Edra Soto Connects with William Blake
Painter and installation artist Anna Kunz discusses the development of her own work, her interest in color as form, and the inspiration she has drawn from Mark Rothko's luminous paintings.
Audio Lecture: Artists Connect—Anna Kunz Connects with Mark Rothko
EC Brown has worked in Chicago as an artist and educator, and co-organizes exhibitions at Floor Length and Tux (FLAT) with Catie Olsen. For Artists Connect, Erik discusses his interest in paintings...
Audio Lecture: Artists Connect—EC Brown Connects with Frank Stella
Jerome Silbergeld, Princeton University, probes architectural details in Chinese painting, discovering political and social references in the relationship between two dimensional images and their...
Audio Lecture: All Receding Together, One Hundred Slanting LInes

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