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Celebrating the joys of family gatherings, this composition shows a bustling group of women and children preparing the annual feast in a traditional rural kitchen. Includes classroom applications.
Artwork and Artist Information: <em>Thanksgiving</em> by Doris Lee
Landscape painter George Inness sought to record not so much the appearance of nature as his interpretation of its poetic content. This essay focuses on The Home of the Heron in which the...
Essay: <em>The Home of the Heron</em> by George Inness
A brief essay focusing on Winslow Homer who often painted themes of upper-class leisure in post-Civil War America. This painting depicts three women and a man playing croquet on a lawn, probably in...
Essay: <em>Croquet Scene</em> by Winslow Homer
Distant View of Niagara Falls portrays a uniquely American scene: sugar maples with their red autumn leaves; two Native Americans gazing in reverence; and the powerful falls, one of the...
Artwork and Artist Information: <em>Distant View of Niagara Falls</em>
Mrs. Daniel Hubbard (Mary Greene) is one of approximately 300 portraits of American colonists—primarily wealthy and influential Bostonians—that John Singleton Copley painted during his...
Artwork and Artist Information: <em>Mrs. Daniel Hubbard (Mary Greene)</em> by John Singleton Copley
Art + Science was developed by the Art Institute of Chicago to support dialogue and collaboration between art and science teachers at the middle school level, with the ultimate goal of inspiring art...
Art + Science
A concise biography about Bazille's life and work.
In the process of reinventing watercolor, American painter John Marin transformed American painting. Martha Tedeschi, curator of prints and drawings, and Kristi Dahm, assistant conservator of prints...
Video: John Marin's Watercolors: A Medium for Modernism
This comparative time line illustrating works of art from the Art Institute’s collection presents a selection of events—artistic, cultural, political, and social—from the origins of human...
Timeline: When in Africa, When in the World
Step into Caillebotte's painting Paris Street; Rainy Day. Feel the grayness and isolation of modern Paris and feel the push/pull effect of the painting's dynamic composition.
Video: Caillebotte and the Modern City

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