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MARTYL (1917-2013) Martyl Langsdorf, professionally known simply as Martyl, first began to paint as a child when she accompanied her mother to the summer program at the Cape Cod School of Art....
03.  "Le Grand Tetons 2001" [Wyoming]
Austen Barron Bailly, Peabody Essex Museum, considers the shifting approaches of history and art history to African Americans in Benton’s work and in American society. Sponsored by the Terra...
Video: Lecture—Cotton Picking, American Art, and Thomas Hart Benton
Follow the museum conservation department's intrepid detectives as they do what it takes to get the scoop on Madame Clapisson's elusive past.
Video: Renoir's True Colors—Science Solves a Mystery
Erica Hirshler, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, explores Sargent’s early career in Paris, where he created some of his most imaginative portraits, including the Art Institute’s Madame Paul Escudier....
Video: Lecture—John Singer Sargent's Parisian Portraits
In conjunction with the exhibition Art and Appetite, Bonnie Costello, professor at Boston University, examines the ways in which modern painters experimented with still life—selection,...
Video: Lecture—Food for Thought
Carol Jackson, a Chicago resident originally from California, examines the experience of America's Western expansion as portrayed by Frederic Remington, and describes the influence of this work, with...
Audio Lecture: Artists Connect—Carol Jackson Connects with Remington

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