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The Terra Foundation for American Art presents Amy Galpin, San Diego Museum of Art, as she explores the work of Morris Topchevsky, Edward Millman, Florence Arquin, Charles White, and others who were...
Audio Lecture: Second Cities—20th-Century American Artists in Chicago and Mexico City
David Lee Csicsko reveals his long interest in the figure of Neptune and other denizens of the sea in this Artists Connect lecture. Csicsko, who created stained glass and mosaic panels for Chicago’s...
Audio Lecture: Artists Connect—David Lee Csicsko Connects with Arnold Böcklin
Jerome Silbergeld, Princeton University, probes architectural details in Chinese painting, discovering political and social references in the relationship between two dimensional images and their...
Audio Lecture: All Receding Together, One Hundred Slanting LInes
Through sculpture, text, photography, video, sound and performance Industry of the Ordinary are dedicated to an exploration and celebration of the customary, the everyday, and the usual. Their...
Audio Lecture: Artists Connect—Industry of the Ordinary Connects with Hockney
EC Brown has worked in Chicago as an artist and educator, and co-organizes exhibitions at Floor Length and Tux (FLAT) with Catie Olsen. For Artists Connect, Erik discusses his interest in paintings...
Audio Lecture: Artists Connect—EC Brown Connects with Frank Stella
Photographer Laurie Lambrecht discusses her experience recording Roy Lichtenstein in his studio. Sponsored by the City Community Associates of the Art Institute of Chicago.
Audio Lecture: Inside the Artist's Studio—Lichtenstein
Painter and installation artist Anna Kunz discusses the development of her own work, her interest in color as form, and the inspiration she has drawn from Mark Rothko's luminous paintings.
Audio Lecture: Artists Connect—Anna Kunz Connects with Mark Rothko
Nudd discusses Ivan Albright's uneasy place in the Modern tradition, the compulsive attention to detail that Albright brought to iconic works such as Picture of Dorian Gray and Into the...
Audio Lecture: Artists Connect—Paul Nudd connects with Ivan Albright

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