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Curator Martha Tedeschi explores how the artist's influential experiments in watercolor and unorthodox ideas about framing helped create modern objects that surge with emotion.
Audio Lecture: Seeing Things: John Marin's Watercolors
Excerpted from the teacher manual Telling Images: Stories in Art this chapter focuses on the painting Saint George Killing the Dragon by Bernat Martorell. Includes information about...
Artwork and Artist Information: <em>Saint George Killing the Dragon</em> by Bernat Martorell
Discussion questions and activity ideas pertaining to Niagara View of Niagara Falls by Thomas Cole.
Classroom or Home Activity: Discovering Virtues in the Land—American Landscape Painting
Explore the theme of travel and motion in art. The packet surveys the history of transportation: movement on land, water, and, ultimately, lifting off, soaring through the sky. Nine works of art from...
Teacher Manual: Art on the Move
Discussion questions and activity ideas pertaining to Walking the Line by William Sidney Mount.
Classroom or Home Activity: Art Imitates Life—Jacksonian America
Discussion questions and activity ideas pertaining to Mrs. Daniel Hubbard by John Singleton Copley.
Classroom or Home Activity: Portraying American Character
Curator Sarah Kelly discusses self-taught artist Horace Pippin's layered paint technique and reviews primary sources that seem to have inspired his famous Cabin in the Cotton images.
Audio Lecture: Horace Pippin's <em>Cabin in the Cotton</em>
Isak Applin, instructor in the Department of Painting and Drawing at the School of the Art Institute, discusses connections between his own work and panel paintings on the life of St. John the...
Audio Lecture: Artists Connect: Isak Applin Connects with Giovanni di Paolo
This teacher manual explores issues of identity. The range of portraiture includes an early daguerreotype of the abolitionist Frederick Douglass, Impressionist portraits, and portraits by 19th- and...
Teacher Manual: Many Faces: Modern Portraits &amp; Identities
This teaching manual was produced to assist teachers in maximizing their educational experience with the exhibition Art Inside Out: Exploring Art and Culture through Time which encouraged viewers to...
Teacher Manual: Art Inside Out: Exploring Art and Culture through Time

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