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A creative writing exercise in which you imagine being Vincent van Gogh and write to your brother Theo about your latest painting.
Monet used loose, quick brushstrokes to depict the movement of the crowd and the smoke billowing from the cteam engine. To capture such a moment according to some, Monet asked engineers to load the...
Activity: <em>Arrival of the Normandy Train, Gare Saint-Lazare</em>
An introduction for young readers to Mary Cassatt's The Child's Bath, 1893. Explore the tender moment between the woman and child and hunt for patterns in this painting inspired by Japanese prints.
Explore the lines in Degas' sculpture of a ballerina and imitate the poses with your own body to make a line.
Explore Degas's drawing of a popular French ballerina and try your hand at a pastel art activity.
A fun word search for things in Georges Seurat's large-scale painting of Parisians relaxing in a park on the weekend.
An introduction to Caillebotte's contribution as an artist and art collector and a study of his monumental painting Paris Street; Rainy Day and its likely influence on Georges Seurat.
Learn how Monet challenged the traditional technical and compositional standards of painting in this unconventional beach scene and lay the foundation for the style that would become Impressionism.
An introduction to Manet's unusual treatment of a religious subject, and a look at the role religion played in the artist's life and in French painting after 1850. (Note: The correct title of the...
An in-depth look at the aging artist's large-scale painting of the lily-dappled surface of his Giverny pond.

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