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Between 1958 and 1973, central Chicago lost 21,000 inhabitants to the suburbs. The "Chicago 21"
plan—named so because it hoped to prepare Chicago for the 21st century—aimed to draw...
01. <em>Chicago 21: Plan for the Central Area Communities</em>, 1973.
Chicago's public transportation system reached an important milestone in 1943 when the State
Street (Red Line) Subway—its first—opened to the public. Early post-war transit plans...
01. Chicago Looks Ahead brochure, March 1945.
Another of the Plan's six key recommendations was the widening of important streets "in order to
facilitate the movement to and from the business district." One such street was...
01. Chicago Plan Commission meeting minutes, [p.30], February 17, 1913.
The Congress Expressway, aligned on the "great avenue" that Burnham and Bennett conceived in the
Plan of Chicago, was the first superhighway linking Chicago's central business district...
01. Congress Expressway map study, Cook County Highway Dept, c.1950.
The number of automobiles registered in the U.S. exploded in the two decades following the
publication of the Plan from 312,000 in 1909 to almost 28,000,000 in 1929.
01. Edward H. Bennett, untitled typescript, c.1929.
This survey, by the architect and planner Mary Long Rogers, exemplifies the rigorous planning and
data analysis which the city conducted before embarking on urban renewal and slum clearance...
01. Near West Side redevelopment project, block data work sheet, circa early 1940s.
The Crosstown Expressway, also known as Interstate 494 or the "Burnham Corridor," was a proposed
highway through the West Side of Chicago which had been considered in various iterations for...
02. "Lifeline for the Middle City," rendering of proposed crosstown expressway, c.1977.
Map highlighting proposed improvements in the Loop and surrounding areas, including the widening of surface arteries, the construction of multi-level street sections on Michigan Ave. and South Water...
02. <em>Ten Years of the Chicago Plan Commission</em> brochure, April 1920.
Bennett's "quadrangle" concept—a rectangular group of widened, elevated roadways surrounding
the central business district that were to funnel traffic from major interior arteries to the...
02. Edward H. Bennett untitled manuscript, May 24, 1929.

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