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An introduction to Monet's large group of paintings of the Thames River in London, completed between 1900 and 1903.
An overview of the style and subject of this final study for Seurat's first important painting.
An introduction to Degas's goals and processes as a printmaker and a look at one of his most technically complex prints of his friend and fellow artist, Mary Cassatt.
An examination of Guillaumin's painting of a new aqueduct just south of Paris, with its celebration of the railroad and the travel opportunities it offered to the urban middle class.
A look at Toulouse-Lautrec's depiction of entertainers and customers, including himself, in a popular Parisian night spot.
An introduction to Forain's painting of a Parisian street performer entertaining a crowd at night.
An introduction to Degas's print of his friend and fellow Impressionist Mary Cassatt, along with suggestions for classroom discussions and activities.
Learn how Pissarro balanced an enormous architectural wonder with modest, middle-class housing in his 1871 landscape of a London suburb.
Discussion questions and activities relating to Pissarro's 1871 painting of London's Crystal Palace, an iron and glass architectural wonder built in 1851.
An introduction to Seurat's final study for his monumental painting of working-class males on a unpicturesque stretch of the Seine.

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