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Learn why this painting has been called the "first Impressionist landscape."
An overview of Monet's success in the early 1870s and a look at the artist's sunny depiction of his family at home in the garden.
An overview of Ensor's artistic career and his figure drawings of individuals engaged in mundane, domestic activities.
An introduction to one of Cézanne's many portraits of his wife, with emphasis on the painting's formal qualities and psychological intensity.
An introduction to the Nabis artist's portrait of his wife and her niece, known to have been based on a photograph.
A look at Bellows's vivid depiction of skaters in New York enjoying a cold, winter day.
An overview of this Spanish artist's career and an introduction to his sun-drenched scene of two sisters frolicking in the Mediterranean.
An introduction to the large-scale, double portrait of a sixteen-year old girl teaching her younger sister a dance.
Discussion questions and activities for home and classroom about Monet's early work, often regarded as the first Impressioninst landscape.
An exploration of the Ashcan School painter's winter scene, with its jarring color combinations and thickly applied paint.

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