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An introduction to Degas's penetrating double portrait of his young cousin Lucie and her uncle Henri, brought together under difficult circumstances.
An exploration of Lemmen's painting technique and his ability to create a decorative field of color and express his sister's personality.
An exploration of the lively brushwork and color in van Gogh's intense self-portrait.
An introduction to one of Cézanne's many portraits of his wife, with emphasis on the painting's formal qualities and psychological intensity.
Quick facts about the artist and his colorful, emotional self-portrait.
An introduction to Manet's unusual treatment of a religious subject, and a look at the role religion played in the artist's life and in French painting after 1850. (Note: The correct title of the...
Discussion questions and activities for home and classroom about Manet's unconventional depiction of Jesus and his captors.
An introduction to Toulouse-Lautrec's strict profile portrait of a young woman.
Step into the light-filled scene that Tanner depicted and learn about the artist's upbringing and career.
Video: Tanner's <em>The Two Disciples at the Tomb</em>
A brief essay focusing on Marion Perkins' Man of Sorrows. Includes discussion questions and classroom activity suggestions.
Artwork and Artist Information: <em>Man of Sorrows</em> by Marion Perkins

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