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An exploration of Rodin's ability to convey physical and emotional torment in his towering sculpture of Adam.
An exploration of the lively brushwork and color in van Gogh's intense self-portrait.
An introduction to one of Cézanne's many portraits of his wife, with emphasis on the painting's formal qualities and psychological intensity.
Quick facts about the artist and his colorful, emotional self-portrait.
An introduction to Toulouse-Lautrec's strict profile portrait of a young woman.
An overview of the religious painter's artistic career and a study of his renowned painting of Peter and John at Jesus's empty tomb.
Quick facts about the artist and the painting.
An introduction to Tanner's artistic career and strong Christian beliefs. Explore Tanner's very human depiction of a religious subject taken from the Gospel of Saint John.
Quick facts about the artist's famous image of a scream.
An examination of van Gogh's powerful portrait of the local postman's wife.

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