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An overview of the style and subject of this final study for Seurat's first important painting.
An introduction to Renoir's charming and innocent portrayal of sister acrobats in The Cirque Fernando.
An overview of Monet's success in the early 1870s and a look at the artist's sunny depiction of his family at home in the garden.
An introduction to Morisot's involvement with the Impressionists and a look at the subjects she selected from her own environment to depict.
Share a quiet moment with this domestic servant and child as they rest near a well in the rustic community of Eragny, France.
An overview of Homer's artistic work in the Bahamas and his ability to capture, with watercolors, the brilliant reflection of the tropical sun on the warm waters of the Caribbean.
Quick facts about the artist and this watercolor scene.
An exploration of Gauguin's enigmatic portrait and its possible Christian references and personal meaning to the artist.
An introduction to Seurat's final study for his monumental painting of working-class males on a unpicturesque stretch of the Seine.
An introduction to the Nabis artist's portrait of his wife and her niece, known to have been based on a photograph.

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