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Discussion questions and activity ideas pertaining to Walking the Line by William Sidney Mount.
Classroom or Home Activity: Art Imitates Life—Jacksonian America
Discussion questions and activity ideas to be used with Shaker Living Room (Thorne Minature Room). Students will compare the Shaker Living Room with their own homes.
Classroom or Home Activity: Living Spaces—Then and Now
Adriaen van Ostade's Merrymakers in an Inn illustrates peasants of multi-generations celebrating a joyous event in a spacious and picturesque interior. In the 17th century, the inn served as...
Artwork Resource Packet: <em>Merrymakers in an Inn</em> by Adriaen van Ostade
An examination of Degas's striking still-life arrangement of hats and his poignant commentary on the changes in consumer goods production in the late nineteenth century.
A look at Manet's fresh, modern depiction of a young woman relaxing at a Parisian café.
Share a quiet moment with this domestic servant and child as they rest near a well in the rustic community of Eragny, France.
Learn about Caillebotte's large-scale painting of modern Paris and the artist's role among the Impressionists.
An introduction to one of Degas' late, vibrant pastels of a woman drying herself after a bath.
Discussion questions and activities for home and classroom about Caillebotte's monumental painting of Parisians out and about on a rainy day.
Meet Mary Cassatt and learn about her interest in capturing everyday moments of contemporary life.

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