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Share a quiet moment with this domestic servant and child as they rest near a well in the rustic community of Eragny, France.
An introduction to one of Degas' late, vibrant pastels of a woman drying herself after a bath.
Meet Mary Cassatt and learn about her interest in capturing everyday moments of contemporary life.
An introduction to one of Degas's pastel nudes and suggestions for classroom discussions and activities.
An introduction to the Nabis artist's portrait of his wife and her niece, known to have been based on a photograph.
An exploration of Pissarro's painting of a young peasant woman, with emphasis on the artist's use of brushstroke and color.
An examination of one of Degas's late pastels with the theme of the female toilette, in which a nude is depicted in the act of climbing out of a tub.
An introduction to Gauguin's intriguing painting of Tahitian women in front of a thatched house. Just like its title, the painting leaves the viewer with questions.
An introduction to one of Cassatt's remarkable color prints, inspired by Japanese woodblock images and aesthetics.
An overview of Degas's artistic focus on the female bather, and a look at his small, bronze sculpture of an adolescent girl absorbed in the mundane activity.

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