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In some of his work, Goya produced large oil paintings of Spanish people of all ages engaged in their favorite activities. In this picture, Goya portrays and elegantly dressed young boy riding a ram...
Activity: <em>Boy on a Ram</em>
This 2,500-year-old drinking vessel is in the shape of the head of a donkey. The realistic ears, eyes, and open braying mouth of the donkey would surely give joy to anyone drinking from this cup....
Activity: <em>Greek Rhyton (drinking vessel) in the Shape of a Donkey Head</em>
Painter Jan Steen is best known for his humorous scenes of daily life. He loved to show people eating, drinking, dancing, or playing music. The man strumming a lute may be Steen himself. The other...
Activity: <em>The Family Concert </em>
This beaded crown is the most important symbol of royal power and authority for a Yoruba king. The crown's beaded veil serves to protect people from the king's gaze and hide his face. The king could...
Activity: Yoruba Crown (Ade)
An analysis of Toulouse-Lautrec's unconventional composition and painting style in his depiction of a Parisian circus.
A brief essay focusing on Cabin in the Cotton by Horace Pippin. Includes discussion questions and classroom activity suggestions.
Artwork and Artist Information: <em>Cabin in the Cotton</em> by Horace Pippin
This sculpture of Ganesha, Hinduism's Lord of Beginnings and Remover of Obstacles, posed mid-dance, is sure to amuse with his oversized elephant head and rotund belly. Includes classroom applications.
Artwork and Artist Information: <em>Dancing Ganesha</em>
These brief essays focus on Grave Guardian Beast and Bwa Butterfly Mask. Includes discussion questions and classroom activity suggestions.
Artwork and Artist Information: <em>Grave Guardian Beast</em> and <em>Bwa Butterfly Mask</em>
Excerpted from the teacher manual Telling Images: Stories in Art this chapter focuses on the painting Saint George Killing the Dragon by Bernat Martorell. Includes information about...
Artwork and Artist Information: <em>Saint George Killing the Dragon</em> by Bernat Martorell
The composite creature painted on this vessel is one of the most important and recurring images in the art of the Nazca people of Peru. The two identical figures on this vessel combine abstracted...
Artwork and Artist Information: <em>Vessel depicting Composite Fish; Feline; and Human Figure</em>

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