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An introduction to Whistler's delicate self-portrait.
An overview of Gauguin's imaginative, decorative painting of women caught in violent winds in an Arles park.
An overview of Manet's depictions of Berthe Morisot, with a focus on this delicate watercolor of the fellow artist in an eccentric pose.
An introduction to one of Renoir's harmonious images of bourgeois leisure in suburban Paris.
A look at the painting's unconventional composition and the artist's subtle palette and feathery brush strokes.
An overview of a group of works from the mid-1880s in which Chase explored the green spaces of New York City.
An introduction to Degas's goals and processes as a printmaker and a look at one of his most technically complex prints of his friend and fellow artist, Mary Cassatt.
An exploration of Lemmen's painting technique and his ability to create a decorative field of color and express his sister's personality.
An examination of Degas's striking still-life arrangement of hats and his poignant commentary on the changes in consumer goods production in the late nineteenth century.
Learn why this painting has been called the "first Impressionist landscape."

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