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An overview of Monet's brilliant landscape, painted with a "palette of diamonds and precious stones," of a resort town just over the Italian border.
An introduction to one of Renoir's harmonious images of bourgeois leisure in suburban Paris.
An overview of the style and subject of this final study for Seurat's first important painting.
An overview of Courbet's artistic style and career and an introduction to his rugged landscape of a mountainous gorge.
Learn why this painting has been called the "first Impressionist landscape."
An examination of Sisley's Impressionistic depiction of workers dredging sand from the Seine.
An examination of Guillaumin's painting of a new aqueduct just south of Paris, with its celebration of the railroad and the travel opportunities it offered to the urban middle class.
An introduction to Hassam's efforts to celebrate and preserve "olde" New England at a time of increased immigration and rapid urbanization in America.
A careful study of Gauguin's stylized painting that was inspired by his South Seas experience.
An introduction to the formal qualities and influences of Manet's marine paintings.

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