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A look at the role of cafes in late nineteenth-century Paris and Manet's Impressionistic painting of a woman relaxing at one such establishment.
An examination of van Gogh's powerful portrait of the local postman's wife.
An introduction to Cassatt's tender painting of the nurturing and trusting relationship between a woman and child.
An overview of the history of garden paintings and a look at Morisot's interest in capturing the play of light on the foliage and figures in the garden.
An introduction to the large-scale, double portrait of a sixteen-year old girl teaching her younger sister a dance.
Tour Renoir's painting of two girls on a restaurant terrace and learn about the artist's use of color and brushwork.
Video: Renoir's <em>Two Sisters (On the Terrace)</em>
A look at Renoir's ability to create the illusion of a moment in time in paint.
Video: Renoir, Capturing Moments in Time
Find out why Rodin is considered an Impressionist artist and learn the reason for this sculpture's missing head and arms!
Video: Rodin's <em>The Walking Man</em>
Explore Berthe Morisot's painting, The Garden, in which the sitter and surrounding foliage are treated with the same loose brushwork.
Video: Morisot and her Garden of Brushstrokes
Meet the elegant Mrs. Swinton and take a close look at the artist's skilled brushwork.
Video: Sargent's Portrait of Mrs. George Swinton

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