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In this lesson, students learn how Copley's portraits of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Hubbard illustrate the Hubbards' desire to identify themselves with England while indicating their profession and social...
Lesson Plan: Colonial Identity
In this lesson, students will examine and discuss the painting Mrs. Daniel Hubbard (Mary Greene). They will research and discuss the origins of the American colonies and explore how...
Lesson Plan: Painted Portraits
How has Cassatt portrayed her sitter as a modern woman? What was life like for women and women artists in late nineteenth-century France? Try your hand in letter-writing activities and delve into...
Explore six objects from the museum's permanent collection on your visit, discuss how they relate to the terms faces, places, and inner spaces.
Museum Guide: Self-Guide to the Art Institute of Chicago: More Faces, Places, & Inner Spaces
This self-guide was created to supplement a visit to view Modern and Contemporary Art at the Art Institute. Guide includes informational text and activities seven artworks in the museum. Please use...
Museum Guide: Self-Guide: Modern and Contemporary Art at the Art Institute
An introduction to Cassatt's tender painting of the nurturing and trusting relationship between a woman and child.
Quick facts about the artist and her tender painting of a woman bathing a child.
An exploration of Cezanne's straightforward, unadorned portrait of his wife.
A look at Degas's unconventional and controversial portrait of a bourgeois woman at the end of a party.
An overview of Dewing's enigmatic paintings of women in interiors, with a look at his 1911 portrait of an impossibly long-limbed woman in a bare room.

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