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Find out why Rodin is considered an Impressionist artist and learn the reason for this sculpture's missing head and arms!
Video: Rodin's <em>The Walking Man</em>
An introduction for young readers to Mary Cassatt's The Child's Bath, 1893. Explore the tender moment between the woman and child and hunt for patterns in this painting inspired by Japanese prints.
Andreas Fischer looks closely at works by Gustave Courbet, noting the consummate skill with which the painter explored the expressive properties of his medium. Andreas also describes the process by...
Audio Lecture: Andreas Fischer Connects with Courbet
See how portraits, like this daguerrotype of abolitionist Frederick Douglass, capture a person's appearance and...
Family Activity: Frame Your Portrait
A brief essay focusing on Samuel J. Miller and his photograph of Frederic Douglass. Includes discussion questions and classroom activity suggestions.
Artwork and Artist Information: <em>Frederick Douglass</em> by Samuel J. Miller
An introduction to Cassatt's tender painting of the nurturing and trusting relationship between a woman and child.
A look at two of Cassatt's favorite subjects - women involved in everyday activities and women interacting with children - and the influence of Japanese art on her work.
Quick facts about the artist and her tender painting of a woman bathing a child.
Explore Hodler's painting of his friend and watch what happens when the image is split in half!
Video: Hodler's Portrait of James Vibert
Quick facts about the artist and his portrait of his friend.

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