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An examination of Sargent's painterly portrait of a worldly, fashionable performer.
An exploration of the artist's use of color to express ideas and feelings in his painting of his bedroom in the Yellow House in Arles.
An excerpt from Wallace Steven's poem inspired by Picasso's The Old Guitarist, 1903/04
Art + Science was developed by the Art Institute of Chicago to support dialogue and collaboration between art and science teachers at the middle school level, with the ultimate goal of inspiring art...
Art + Science
Explore the uses and effects of portraiture in ancient Rome and contemporary society.
Classroom or Home Activity: All Hail!
Mrs. Daniel Hubbard (Mary Greene) is one of approximately 300 portraits of American colonists—primarily wealthy and influential Bostonians—that John Singleton Copley painted during his...
Artwork and Artist Information: <em>Mrs. Daniel Hubbard (Mary Greene)</em> by John Singleton Copley
This guide is designed specifically for early-childhood educators and their students. ABCs of Art invites teachers to use the Art Institute as a learning environment beyond the walls of the...
Teacher Manual: ABCs of Art: A Guide for Early Childhood Education
In this lesson, students will examine and discuss the painting Mrs. Daniel Hubbard (Mary Greene). They will research and discuss the origins of the American colonies and explore how...
Lesson Plan: Painted Portraits

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