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An exploration of Pissarro's painting of a young peasant woman, with emphasis on the artist's use of brushstroke and color.
An introduction to the enigmatic portrait of Gauguin's young companion, completed during the artist's first sojurn to the French colony of Tahiti.
An exploration of a portrait by Gauguin that pays homage to Cézanne's paintings and technique.
Quick facts about the artist and her tender painting of a woman bathing a child.
An introduction to Whistler's approach to portraits as compositions of subtle color and form, and a look at his relationship with the sitter in this portrait, lawyer and friend Arthur Jerome Eddy.
Quick facts about the artist and his portrait of his friend.
Quick facts about the artist's famous image of a scream.
An introduction to Fantin's portrait of friend and fellow artist Edouard Manet.
Explore Gonzales's pastel portrait of a young milliner looking up from a task.

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