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In celebration of the 400th birthday anniversary of Rembrandt, art historian Stephanie Dickey describes the young genius's grappling with the art of the past, his irreverent sense of humor, and his...
Audio Lecture: Breaking Away: How Rembrandt Became an Original Artist
Meet the elegant Mrs. Swinton and take a close look at the artist's skilled brushwork.
Video: Sargent's Portrait of Mrs. George Swinton
Explore Hodler's painting of his friend and watch what happens when the image is split in half!
Video: Hodler's Portrait of James Vibert
A look at one of Renoir's characteristic portraits of elegant society women.
Video: Renoir's Society Portraits
Cecilia Edefalk (b. Sweden, 1954) is a painter of deeply concentrated, expressively oblique images. The artist exhibits comparatively few paintings; they always center on a single motif and are...
focus: Cecilia Edefalk, "Double White Venus"
Maureen Gallace (b. 1960) creates discreet, deceptively simple compositions depicting the vernacular architecture and landscape of rural New England as well as the occasional portrait of a close...
focus: Maureen Gallace
Follow the museum conservation department's intrepid detectives as they do what it takes to get the scoop on Madame Clapisson's elusive past.
Video: Renoir's True Colors—Science Solves a Mystery
Erica Hirshler, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, explores Sargent’s early career in Paris, where he created some of his most imaginative portraits, including the Art Institute’s Madame Paul Escudier....
Video: Lecture—John Singer Sargent's Parisian Portraits
Artist Chuck Close discusses his life, art, and the creative process with biographer Christopher Finch.
Video Lecture: Chuck Close, part 1
Combining previously unpublished images with scrupulous archival research, this lecture illuminates the ideological nature of the genre and the centrality of race and cultural identity in...
Audio Lecture: Cutting a Figure: Fashioning Black Portraiture

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