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An explanation of the artist's use of color and brushstroke in his intense, introspective self-portrait.
An introduction to Fantin's Salon portrait of his friend, the well-known and controversial artist, Edouard Manet.
An overview of Dewing's enigmatic paintings of women in interiors, with a look at his 1911 portrait of an impossibly long-limbed woman in a bare room.
An in-depth look at the artist's intense portrait of Madame Roulin, the wife of van Gogh's friend, postman Joseph Roulin.
A look at two of Cassatt's favorite subjects - women involved in everyday activities and women interacting with children - and the influence of Japanese art on her work.
Activity relating to van Gogh's depiction of his bedroom in Arles.
Discussion questions and activities for home and classroom about Degas's sensitive double portrait of grieving relatives.
Read how Renoir painted both a scene from modern, everyday life and a portrait of children at work in this 1879 picture of sister acrobats.
An analysis of Gauguin's portrait as a tribute to artist Paul Cézanne.
An introduction to Gauguin's search for the exotic and his move to Tahiti, with a focus on the artist's painting, Ancestors of Tehamana, 1893.

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