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Discover how 18th-century painters like Sir Joshua Reynolds used symbols from ancient Greece and Rome to enhance portraits of contemporary people. Includes discussion questions and an art-making...
Family Activity: Make a Mighty Portrait
Cecilia Edefalk (b. Sweden, 1954) is a painter of deeply concentrated, expressively oblique images. The artist exhibits comparatively few paintings; they always center on a single motif and are...
focus: Cecilia Edefalk, "Double White Venus"
Maureen Gallace (b. 1960) creates discreet, deceptively simple compositions depicting the vernacular architecture and landscape of rural New England as well as the occasional portrait of a close...
focus: Maureen Gallace
An introduction to the young artist's direct self-portrait and to his ambiguous relationship to the viewer.
An introduction to the large-scale, double portrait of a sixteen-year old girl teaching her younger sister a dance.
An introduction to Cassatt's interest in Spanish subjects and an exploration of her matador portrait.
An introduction to one of Cézanne's many portraits of his wife, with emphasis on the painting's formal qualities and psychological intensity.
An introduction to Degas's penetrating double portrait of his young cousin Lucie and her uncle Henri, brought together under difficult circumstances.
An introduction to the enigmatic portrait of Gauguin's young companion, completed during the artist's first sojurn to the French colony of Tahiti.
An introduction to the Swiss artist and an overview of his symmetrical portrait of his sculptor friend.

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