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An overview of the history of garden paintings and a look at Morisot's interest in capturing the play of light on the foliage and figures in the garden.
An introduction to the large-scale, double portrait of a sixteen-year old girl teaching her younger sister a dance.
Discussion questions and activities for home and classroom about van Gogh's energetic and revealing painting of his bedroom.
An overview of Manet's freely painted composition about modern life on the streets of Paris.
An introduction to the Swiss artist and an overview of his symmetrical portrait of his sculptor friend.
A look at how Degas's portrait of his Italian relatives speaks of both the fragility and strength of family.
An introduction to Beaux's large-scale double-portrait of an adolescent girl teaching her younger sister to dance.
An introduction to the young artist's direct self-portrait and to his ambiguous relationship to the viewer.
An analysis of Cezanne's depiction of his wife and an examination of the structure and color of the portrait.
An exploration of Cezanne's straightforward, unadorned portrait of his wife.

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