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Read how Renoir painted both a scene from modern, everyday life and a portrait of children at work in this 1879 picture of sister acrobats.
A look at Renoir's portrait of fellow Impressionist Alfred Sisley.
An exploration of Rodin's ability to convey physical and emotional torment in his towering sculpture of Adam.
Learn how Rodin's The Walking Man, a major achievement in the history of modern sculpture, developed over a period of more than twenty years.
An examination of Sargent's painterly portrait of a worldly, fashionable performer.
An exploration of the lively brushwork and color in van Gogh's intense self-portrait.
An exploration of the artist's use of color to express ideas and feelings in his painting of his bedroom in the Yellow House in Arles.
A look at Whistler's portraits, with their connection to musical compositions and their influence of Spanish master Diego Velazquez.
Examine Jan Steen's The Family Concert and make a family portrait of your own that illustrates a...
Family Activity: Family Portrait
See how portraits, like this daguerrotype of abolitionist Frederick Douglass, capture a person's appearance and...
Family Activity: Frame Your Portrait

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