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Based on an interactive and educational exhibition on view at the Art Institute of Chicago from 2003–2007; this manual explores the museum's diverse collection through eleven works that relate to the...
Teacher Manual: Faces, Places, & Inner Spaces
Explore six objects from the museum's permanent collection on your visit, discuss how they relate to the terms faces, places, and inner spaces.
Museum Guide: Self-Guide to the Art Institute of Chicago: More Faces, Places, & Inner Spaces
Excerpted from the American Art teacher Manual, this essay provides a brief overview of art after World War II. Artwork information is provided for four contemporary works in the Art Institute's...
Essay: American History and Its Art After World War II
Katsukawa Shunko's print captures the Kabuki actor Ichikawa Danjûro in his role as Kazusa no Gorobei Tadamitsu in a play called "Returning Home in Splendor." In works such as this one the worlds of...
Artwork and Artist Information: <em>The Actor Ichikawa Danjûroô V as Kazusa no Gorobei Tadamitsu</em> by Katsukawa Shunkô
This painting depicts the dignified, Chicago-based artist Archibald Motley, Jr. The traditional composition and lively colors that hint of his future Bronzeville paintings offer a glimpse into the...
Artwork and Artist Information: <em>Self-Portrait</em> by Archibald Motley, Jr.
A brief essay focusing on Samuel J. Miller and his photograph of Frederic Douglass. Includes discussion questions and classroom activity suggestions.
Artwork and Artist Information: <em>Frederick Douglass</em> by Samuel J. Miller
A brief essay focusing on Beauford Delaney's Self-Portrait. Includes discussion questions and classroom activity suggestions.
Artwork and Artist Information: <em>Self-Portrait</em> by Beauford Delaney
A brief essay about William Rush's sculpture of General Andrew Jackson. Rush is considered one of America's first sculptors, and the Art Institute's General Andrew Jackson documents the rise...
Essay: <em>General Andrew Jackson</em> by William Rush
This colorful mummy case was made for the doorkeeper from the temple of Amun and is decorated with a variety of images associated with rebirth; including the scarab beetle; the hawk-headed god Horus...
Artwork and Artist Information: <em>Mummy Case of Paankhenamun</em>
In this lesson, students will examine and discuss the painting Mrs. Daniel Hubbard (Mary Greene). They will research and discuss the origins of the American colonies and explore how...
Lesson Plan: Painted Portraits

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