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An introduction to Beaux's large-scale double-portrait of an adolescent girl teaching her younger sister to dance.
An introduction to the young artist's direct self-portrait and to his ambiguous relationship to the viewer.
An analysis of Cezanne's depiction of his wife and an examination of the structure and color of the portrait.
An exploration of Cezanne's straightforward, unadorned portrait of his wife.
An explanation of the artist's use of color and brushstroke in his intense, introspective self-portrait.
An overview of Dewing's enigmatic paintings of women in interiors, with a look at his 1911 portrait of an impossibly long-limbed woman in a bare room.
An analysis of Gauguin's portrait as a tribute to artist Paul Cézanne.
Tune in as contemporary photographer Mann answers questions from an audience of nearly 400 on opening day of the Art Institute exhibition So the Story Goes. Mann responds to questions...
Audio Lecture: Sally Mann at the Art Institute of Chicago

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