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An examination of Cassatt's portrait of a bullfighter, influenced by both a travel guide to Spain and the paintings of Edouard Manet.
An overview of Gauguin's two-year stay in Tahiti and a detailed look at his mysterious portrait of his young wife, Tehamana.
An exploration of Degas's relationship to the sitter and an examination of his unposed portrayal of her at the end of a costume ball.
Discussion questions and activities for home and classroom about Gauguin's mysterious portrait of a Tahitian girl.
A look at Degas's unconventional and controversial portrait of a bourgeois woman at the end of a party.
Related Story: Marie Antoniette
The practice of cutting up photographs and placing them into new watercolor compositions was common among aristocratic classes in the Victorian era.
This album of over one hundred pages of...
Turning the Pages: Madame B Album, 1870s
An exploration of Pissarro's painting of a young peasant woman, with emphasis on the artist's use of brushstroke and color.

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