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An introduction to Renoir's casual and thoughtful portrait of friend and artist Alfred Sisley.
A look at Renoir's portrait of fellow Impressionist Alfred Sisley.
An introduction to Fantin's Salon portrait of his friend, the well-known and controversial artist, Edouard Manet.
An introduction to Degas's penetrating double portrait of his young cousin Lucie and her uncle Henri, brought together under difficult circumstances.
Discussion questions and activities for home and classroom about Degas's sensitive double portrait of grieving relatives.
A look at how Degas's portrait of his Italian relatives speaks of both the fragility and strength of family.
An introduction to the young artist's direct self-portrait and to his ambiguous relationship to the viewer.
An exploration of Bazille's penetrating self-portrait.
This self-guide was created to supplement a visit to view Modern and Contemporary Art at the Art Institute. Guide includes informational text and activities seven artworks in the museum. Please use...
Museum Guide: Self-Guide: Modern and Contemporary Art at the Art Institute

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