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An introduction to Whistler's approach to portraits as compositions of subtle color and form, and a look at his relationship with the sitter in this portrait, lawyer and friend Arthur Jerome Eddy.
A look at Whistler's portraits, with their connection to musical compositions and their influence of Spanish master Diego Velazquez.
An exploration of Rodin's ability to convey physical and emotional torment in his towering sculpture of Adam.
Quick facts about the artist and his sculptures.
A poem inspired by Auguste Rodin's The Walking Man, c. 1900.
Learn how Rodin's The Walking Man, a major achievement in the history of modern sculpture, developed over a period of more than twenty years.
An overview of Renoir's technical and compositional masterpiece that celebrates the beauty of spring and the promise of youth.
An introduction to Whistler's delicate self-portrait.
An introduction to Degas's penetrating double portrait of his young cousin Lucie and her uncle Henri, brought together under difficult circumstances.
An introduction to Renoir's casual and thoughtful portrait of friend and artist Alfred Sisley.

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