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Curator Martha Tedeschi explores how the artist's influential experiments in watercolor and unorthodox ideas about framing helped create modern objects that surge with emotion.
Audio Lecture: Seeing Things: John Marin's Watercolors
Discussion questions and activity ideas pertaining to Niagara View of Niagara Falls by Thomas Cole.
Classroom or Home Activity: Discovering Virtues in the Land—American Landscape Painting
A fun family activity that explores water and reflections in nature and in painting. Includes discussion questions and an art-making activity. Introduction: In the painting...
Family Activity: Reflections in Water
Discussion questions and activity ideas to be used with the following works of art: Distant View of Niagara Falls; Yosemite; Roof, Summer Night; Tanks #2; ...
Classroom or Home Activity: Realism and Idealism—Art and Literature
The frame used on Ragged Island, Maine has a very simple appearance that reflects the spare styles being used in the early twentieth century, a reaction to the predominantly European...
Framing Profile: <em>Ragged Island, Maine</em>, 1914
Introduce your students to the Art Institute's celebrated collection of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist art. This manual discusses the historical and social milieu of this revolutionary movement...
Teacher Manual: Impressionism, Post-Impressionism
Excerpted from the teacher manual Telling Images: Stories in Art this chapter focuses on the artwork Heirs Come to Pass, 3 by Martina Lopez. Includes information about the artist,...
Great activity suggestions and topics for discussion relating to Gauguin's enigmatic painting of women in an Arles garden.
Taoism is a world of beliefs, writings, ceremonial practices, study, art, and philosophy that strives to harmonize the life of human beings with the forever and naturally changing universe. This...
Teacher Manual: Taoism and the Arts of China: Journey to Perfect Harmony
An overview of Gauguin's imaginative, decorative painting of women caught in violent winds in an Arles park.

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